5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Ontario Security Guard License

How to become a security guard

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, you may want to consider a job in the security sector. Security guards get to face new challenges each day and interact with a variety of interesting people.

Becoming a professional security guard requires hard work and commitment. Here are just some of the duties that guards are expected to perform:

  • Secure premises and personnel by regularly patrolling the property
  • Monitor building entry points and allows or refuse access
  • Complete reports by accurately reporting observations, incidents, and surveillance activities

That being said, it might feel like a daunting task to begin the process of becoming licensed security professional. Condor Security is here to help answer some questions you may have as you begin your exploration into this process. If becoming a security guard seems like an exciting endeavor, here are some tips to keep in mind before getting licensed in this field.

  • Timeline

The average length of time to get licensed is roughly 3-4 weeks. Within these weeks there are important steps to take, and assuming there are no snags along the way, things should go fairly quickly once you get started.

The first step is to check whether you meet the requirements for an Ontario Security License. Once you can confirm you qualify, you must then register for and complete the appropriate training program — both in-person and online options are available. Condor Security’s 40 hour course assists you in attaining the knowledge and prerequisites necessary for your security license. When the course has been passed and you have acquired a training completion number, you then register for and pass the security guard test.

The final step is to apply for your Ontario Security License; this can be done online or through regular mail. Once you’ve obtained your license, you can then apply for jobs in the industry.

  • Cost

While some companies do charge a small fee for security training, Condor Security does it completely free of charge for those who qualify for the position.

It is important to note that the complementary training does not cover the necessary first aid and CPR certifications that qualify you for the security license. These have to be completed on your own and are mandatory, so do not forget to schedule them.

Furthermore, there are costs associated with the Ontario Security Guard Exam. After taxes, the total for the test is $75.15 — ($66.50 plus HST). If you need to retake the test for any reason, you must pay the fee again.

  • Job Hunting is Still Required

It is important to keep in mind that getting a security guard license does not guarantee a career at Condor Security, or even with any security company in the industry. There are many factors that could influence a future in the field such as the availability of positions, and whether you’ll be the right match for the team. At Condor Security, you need to have the right work ethic and professionalism; though each company has their own culture, Condor believes in providing top quality service through its well-trained and professional team.

However, don’t get discouraged! If you are not the right fit for one team, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a better-suited position elsewhere. A job won’t be handed to you following completion of the license; it’s up to you to take the initiative and make it happen.

  • You Need More Training

As a security guard, you’ll need to be able to professionally and appropriately respond to a multitude of different scenarios. Because of this, you’ll find that the 40 hours of training mandated by the government is not sufficient. Beyond the basic training, you need to have stellar communication skills, fire alarm response, medical emergency response, customer service, and more if you want a long and successful career in a security position.

Recognizing right away that your learning doesn’t stop at the initial course is the first step in becoming a well-rounded and fully certified licensed security professional.

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  • It’s Only the Start of Your Journey!

As you move forward from considering stages to actively becoming a licensed security professional, you will see more and more each day how this is only the first step on your journey. For some people, this may even be a step through the doorway to your career.

With some work, you can get promoted, earn more, work in more challenging locations, and even advance into positions of greater responsibility such as supervision and management. You may network and connect with people who open the door to a related field.

Start your career with Condor Security today. For more information, give us a call at 416 665 1500 or click here to apply now!

5 Essentials to Be a Professional Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of facilities and their occupants. Whether these officers are stationed in a condo lobby or an airport terminal, they must remain vigilant about protecting their clientele. All security agencies must be cautious about who they hire for these important roles.

In Ontario, security guards must hold a valid security license. This is obtained after successfully completing 40 hours of formal training and passing a government-issued exam. But simply acquiring a security license does not necessarily mean an individual will be an effective guard. They must possess good character, specific skillsets, and the strong will to solve problems. Let’s explore the 5 key attributes of a great security officer.

#1: Alert

A good security guard is constantly aware of his or her surroundings. They are alert, focused, and not easily distracted. These qualities are important as security officers must always be on the lookout for suspicious activity or unusual behavior. An unobservant person may miss something or overlook a detail that could put people’s lives in jeopardy. A security guard’s alertness is reflected in how quickly and how accurately they can respond in a critical high-pressure situation, for example, a fire alarm, or a trespasser. An admirable security guard will be able to analyze the details quickly, so they can decide the next course of action. They have the mind to act sensibly and responsibly no matter the circumstances.

#2: Trustworthy

A security guard is often in possession of special access codes, master keys, and sensitive data. That’s why they must be trustworthy. This is why security companies take care when hiring for security positions to ensure there’s no criminal history or malicious activity. An honest security guard is also crucial for a company to maintain its good reputation among customers. Because they are often the face of the organization, an upstanding character is a must.

#3: Physically Fit

An unhealthy individual may not be able to perform the duties required of an effective security officer. Because the job can be physically demanding, a good security guard must be fit. Whatever the task, it is necessary to stay healthy and exercise regularly. Security officers are also required to wear uniforms, so they can represent the client in the best way possible. Since they are interacting with the general public, a high-quality guard must always portray a professional image.

#4: Good Communicator

Effective communication skills are necessary, especially in high-risk situations. Security officers are expected to calm the public and defuse volatile situations. Clear, courteous communication can be the deciding factor in how a tricky situation plays out. A good security officer should also possess strong written skills. This will allow him or her to document each incident in a concise and accurate manner. Meanwhile, the majority of a guard’s interactions will be with the employees and customers of the company they’ve hired to protect. So a friendly attitude and cheerful disposition are also key.

#5: Team Player & Leader

It’s very rare that you will see guards gathered in large groups. But in most cases, they are working as part of larger teams to ensure a business parameter is completely secure. This is why a security guard must be a team player. They must be able to collaborate with others and respect the ideas and opinions of colleagues. A good security officer will also know when to follow orders, and when it’s appropriate to assert him/herself. They are willing to step up for their teammates in times of need, whether on the job such as helping to deal with a trespasser, or whether working an extra shift because a teammate has an important family function to attend.

A reputable security services firm will ensure that its officers have the above attributes. Although the strength of character is very important, it’s also crucial that security guards have the formal training necessary to perform the job effectively.

Protecting your business and customers should always be the top priority. So if you’re interested in hiring a security officer, always use the services of a licensed company. By allowing a third party to handle security concerns, you can focus on other areas of your company like customer service and marketing.

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Right security for business

Whether you are building a new facility, moving into a new retail space, or have been operating at the same location for years, having the right security measures in place is imperative to protect your assets and staff. Regardless of what type of business you run, there are always potential threats, such as the theft of intellectual property, your customers’ personal information or physical inventory, as well as basic vandalism. These crimes can be extremely costly and can put a halt to your business operations. Having the right amount of commercial security in place will help protect your business from criminal acts, however, knowing how much security you need can pose a dilemma. Here are some suggestions to ensure you have the right security in place.

Have a Threat Assessment

A threat and risk assessment (TRA) can tell you exactly how much security you need to protect your commercial property while putting cost effective measures in place. Your TRA provides a comprehensive review of your property and all the vulnerabilities that exist. Our security consultants provide expert assessments that identify where you can improve your security or prepare a new plan for a new facility. Our assessments will ensure you remain in line with applicable standards and provide you with a plan that meets the industry’s best practices.

A TRA is the best way to protect against liability through identifying and understanding the risks facing you, the community and your property, and then implementing cost-effective solutions that mitigate those vulnerabilities. One of the most important aspects of an effective security plan is customization tailored to meet your specific industry standards as well as the unique challenges posed by each aspect of your property. Narrowing in on these specific concerns can then allow us to offer a plan that covers a multitude of possible issues and scenarios that are commonly overlooked.

What a Threat Assessment Entails

Your TRA will provide the following valuable information:

  • Asset Identification: Asset identification will consider your property assets, which we can then itemize and prioritize. A Cost vs. Benefit analysis will then be performed as part of our recommendations to improve security countermeasures for your assets.
  • Threat Analysis: We will use historical research in tandem with future projections for each asset in order to pinpoint potential threats. We will look at the causes of the threats in order to determine the likelihood of security breaches and what damage or harm will result from these scenarios.
  • Risk Assessment: A review of your assets and potential threats can be compared to look for emerging risk patterns, such as likelihood, severity, impact, cost, and how long it would take to get you back to your regular operations following an event.
  • Risk Management: We will offer recommendations and advice that will show you how you can improve your security. This is always based on your specific industry best practices and local laws, acts and standards. Our recommendations will look at the most cost effective and realistic security measures for you.
  • Security Audits: For existing security plans and systems, we will also provide an audit. This allows us to assess all current security measures you have in place in order for us to provide a security infrastructure proposal, whether it is for personnel training, improved procedures and policies, or additions to your physical security design.

Resulting Customized Solutions

Your security management proposal will allow us to provide an effective security plan customized to meet your specific needs. Our team of certified professionals will include recommendations for the most cost effective solutions which can often combine upgrades, improvements and new installations. Thus, we are able to leverage existing systems and maximize security with specific improvements that will work for your business. In the case of a newly built facility, we will provide a new security plan by identifying vulnerabilities we discover during our TRA.

A thorough audit will pinpoint your physical security needs while looking for the most cost effective ways to integrate your existing equipment. We will test performance and functionality of an existing system and, if necessary, recommend upgrades to establish best practices.

Enlist Security Guards & Mobile Patrols

Optics are one of the best deterrents to criminal activity. Security guards are one of the most effective visual facets of a security plan for a number of reasons:

  • They can patrol larger properties and show that someone is active and present.
  • They scare off intruders who might be caught in the act.
  • They provide a sense of safety in facilities where staff might feel vulnerable.
  • They can be part of the sign-in process if you have a security gate.
  • They are present should an alarm be triggered and can get there quickly.
  • They can add a feeling of safety in specific situations, such as a high-end jewellery shop where staff and customers might feel unsafe.

Mobile Patrol Security Services can be added to boost your security guard presence, which is especially effective on large commercial properties that include several points of entry as well as more than one building. They can also be used for limited budgets where 24/7 security guard presence is not an option. Other benefits of mobile security services include:

  • They are equipped to respond quickly should an alarm be triggered
  • They can be licensed to provide parking infraction notices.
  • They can patrol for suspicious vehicles on the property.

Limit Access with Access Controls

An Access Control System can limit access either to your entire building, specific buildings on your property or by department based on staff clearance. Access Control is completely customizable whether you need specialty doors and locks, fobs or key cards for staff or access control software. We can also provide physical options such as barriers, gates and turnstiles.

Access controls can also include concierge staff or security guards to help provide a professional or welcoming presence, as well as add a visual deterrence to reduce the risk of criminal activity. You will also be able to maintain records of who has entered and left the building, the date and time and even supported visuals with video surveillance which can be used to protect against liability or assist in criminal cases.

As you can see, knowing how much security is required for your commercial property is best addressed with a security audit or TRA. Each site has different needs and having professional advice is the best way to ensure you have cost effective security solutions to protect your assets and staff.

If you would like to set up a consultation with the Condor team today, please click visit our website here or call 416 665 1500.

Securing commercial property

If you are responsible for a commercial property, keeping the property secure should be your top priority. In today’s climate, you have responsibilities that include keeping your property safe, protecting your assets and the safety of your staff.

The Occupier’s Liability Act of Ontario declares that any “person who has responsibility for and control over the condition of premises or the activities there carried on” has a duty to “take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that persons entering on the premises, and the property brought on the premises by those persons are reasonably safe while on the premises.”

Here are six key points to effective security and safety for your commercial property.

  1. Security Guards

Having security guards onsite is one of the best ways to keep a commercial property secure. This is especially important if your site holds valuable information or goods, and if a large volume of persons flow through the property each day. The larger the site, the more important the presence of security guards, as despite all other security efforts, large properties tend to have more vulnerable areas for intrusion. Security guards also help to provide a sense of safety in facilities where staff might feel vulnerable, as well as being able to identify staff as they enter the premises. They are also the first response team should an alarm be triggered and can be there to ensure the building and property are secure while waiting for the police or fire department to arrive. Last, but not least, security guards can also provide customer service, help with directions and information, and other matters to upgrade the professional appeal and overall status of the property.

  1.  Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Security Services are an option if security guards onsite 24/7 is not an option. If you do have 24/7 security guards onsite, mobile patrol will assist with support to those guards. Mobile Patrol consists of trained security supervisors who are properly equipped to respond quickly should an alarm be triggered or an emergency situation unfold. They can then coordinate and exchange information with you in real time.

  1. Parking Enforcement

Mobile Patrol services team members are licenced Municipal Law Enforcement Officers with authority to provide official municipal parking enforcement. This includes documentation and record-keeping to resolve disputes. This can help you deal with constant issues with unauthorized parking on your property which can interfere with your business from issues such as customer service parking availability to security issues posed by an unidentified vehicle. Parking enforcement services can deal with parking infraction notices, including:

  • Parking in a fire route.
  • Parking on private property without a valid permit.
  • Parking in a non-designated area on private property.
  • Parking in a designated disabled space without a valid disabled parking permit.

  1. Access Control

Access Control helps to monitor and control the people visiting your property. This is extremely important for the protection of critical assets as well as your staff. Combining state of the art security systems with a security guard provides you with the perfect balance of security. It provides you with a strong capability to monitor, classify, and have a historical record of anyone entering the property. You can determine if you require a concierge or security guard to suit your needs. Access Control systems can be customized to any property, including doors and locks, fobs or key cards, programmable and user operated access control software, barriers and gates, turnstiles, and more. Both manual and automated control of the system is available.
There are many benefits to access control including:

  • Maintaining a professional and welcoming environment with a strong security presence.
  • Providing a visual deterrence that can lessen criminal activity.
  • Customizable solutions to suit your needs, whether it is a strong presence for optics or a welcoming addition to security such as a concierge.
  • Accurate maintenance of access records to protect against liability as well as to record who has entered and left the building.
  • Protection of assets by limiting access to sensitive areas based on staff clearance protocols.

  1. Commercial Alarm Response Services

An alarm service provides the perfect groundwork for your security plan. It keeps your property secure and protects your staff and assets from intrusion, fire and the threat of carbon dioxide poisoning. Your system works in tandem with patrols and security guards and can notify you and your security team when an issue is detected. If you cannot afford 24/7 patrols or security guards, an alarm service will give you have peace of mind that your property is secure. It also helps deploy the appropriate emergency service in case of intrusion or the threat of fire.

  1. Customized Security Systems

Whether you are managing a massive facility or a local boutique, security systems always become more effective when they are customized to meet your specific needs. Customized solutions, such as those provided by our team of certified professionals, provide you with a comprehensive assessment of security system infrastructure. This assessment then allows us to make the right recommendations for upgrades, improvements, and new installations.
Customized solutions are designed to leverage and maximize existing systems by not only improving security, but also making them more cost effective as well. We can also help you create an entirely new security system, whether you are just opening a business, have moved to a new facility or want a complete replacement.

We will identify vulnerabilities unique to your property and business and can also offer a Threat and Risk Assessment or Security Audit to ensure you have all the protection required. New alarm systems are designed to meet the needs of today’s changing industries, operations and assets from intellectual property to manufacturing inventory. It is built for your individual needs to identify vulnerable points on your property.

A thorough audit will pinpoint your physical security needs while looking for the most cost effective solutions to integrate your existing equipment. We will test performance and functionality of an existing system and when necessary we will recommend upgrades to ensure we can establish best practices.

Finding the right security for your commercial property includes many elements to ensure you have 24/7 monitoring, Mobile Response capabilities, and authorized access with the proper access controls in place. All of these elements will provide peace of mind and protect your assets, customers and staff.

If you would like to set up a consultation with the Condor team today, please visit our website here or call 416 665 1500.

Security guard giving alert

A job as a security guard can provide you with a dynamic workplace, career advancement opportunity, and depending on the employer can include advantages like paid vacation and full medical benefits. There are companies hiring entry-level job seekers with no experience in the field, providing that you complete the required training.

A more seasoned job seeker can branch out into related career paths such as security management (both in a security company but also in corporate security), a private investigator, a police officer, corrections personnel, RCMP, CSIS, and more.

In a world where asset protection is increasingly important, the market for security guards in Canada is quite robust. Professionals with the right training are in high demand. Security guards play a significant role in many aspects of modern life, such as guarding an office building, construction site, shopping malls, transportation centres, trade shows, warehouses, educational institutes, religious centres, event venues, supermarkets, banks, and government buildings.

On a daily basis, our eyes may skim over security personnel, as part of the job is to blend in rather than stick out. But the next time you’re out and about, take a look at what an integral role security guards play in keeping things running smoothly. In a crisis, people look to security staff for guidance and reassurance that things are being handled.

If you’re highly motivated, have a strong work ethic and desire a career with the potential for advancement, being a security guard could be a promising future for you. Before embarking on a new career as a security guard, it’s important to know what it entails and what it takes to excel.

Eligibility, Licence, and Certifications

A valid and up-to-date security licence is a prerequisite to be certified to work as security personnel across Canada. Requirements vary depending on the province. To start with, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, legally permitted to work in the country and pass a criminal background screening.

To advance your career from a standard security guard position to a specialized position, you must pursue additional certifications. This demonstrates to potential employers that you value your career path and continually strive to be the best security professional that you can be.

Types of Security Personnel

Choosing your niche within the security profession gives you a lot to consider. You can begin with an assessment of the daily duties the job requires and the environment in which the job takes place.

Standard Security Guards

This position is the most common type of security staff. In this type of job, you may be hired directly by the company that owns the premises and items being guarded, or more commonly you would be employed by a private security company that serves multiple clients. At different times, you may be assigned to different locations, such as a bank or a construction site.

Specialized Security Guards

Some types of security require advanced, specialized training, such as guarding of a private art collection, an airport, an exotic animal sanctuary, a scientific research facility, chemical plant, or other location with specialized security needs. The possibilities are virtually endless for a career as a specialized security guard.

Crowd Control Guards

For large public events and festivals, crowd control guards are needed to help guide, inform, patrol, and supervise the crowd. Often in situations of overcrowding or high tension, such as following a big loss for a local sports team, crowd control guards are responsible for managing the situation by providing clear instructions, preventing scuffles and keeping a level head.

A Truly Dynamic Career

A career in the security industry provides the opportunity to find a vocation that works for you. For example, if you feel a strong sense of duty, enjoy helping and protecting vulnerable people, and are detail-oriented, you may be stationed at the front and centre of a building. It will be your responsibility to screen and greet everyone upon arrival and to ensure that everyone entering the building is authorized to be there. This is an excellent option if you are an outgoing, extroverted person who enjoys developing a cordial rapport with the regulars.

Those who identify as introverts can also excel as a security professional, such as the night shift where you would patrol the vicinity rather than greet and admit people. It would be your responsibility to protect and guard against threats to property, such as theft and vandalism.

Pursuing a career as a security guard can be a great option for students in college or university since the flexible hours are helpful to suit your study schedule. Even if your career path is eventually headed in a different direction, a security job can provide your resume with years of experience that shows a commitment to professionalism and work ethic.

Skills Required in the Security Industry

To be successful as a security guard, there is a wide range of skills necessary. Communication is integral to this position, both in terms of listening and speaking. One of the basic tasks of your role is to follow the given protocol. Typically this is handed over via a list of instructions, or it may be your job to write notes given verbally by your supervisor. Similarly, communicating directions to the public is a basic task. This becomes incredibly necessary when working with a large crowd or with the general public to ensure their safety. Giving clear, strong verbal directions to the crowd is a must to avoid confusion and panic.

Quick, flexible thinking is a skill required. Your initial assessment of a situation may need to shift rapidly to address a new aspect. In some incidents, the need for security guards to use common sense and quick thinking is imperative, before a situation gets out of control. Always rely on your training and follow the steps outlined to implement security and crowd control measures.

Being a security guard is more than just patrolling your surroundings—you have to be adaptable. Being able to adapt to a number of different conditions and demands are required to successfully perform your job. You should cultivate calming techniques and stress-reducing measures into your routine, which will help when you need to quickly pivot and adapt on the spot.

Finally, the skill of continuous learning is key to be a security guard. Today, technology is ever-changing, so there is a need for security guards to be highly trained on an ongoing basis. Personnel must be tech-savvy, including training on many devices and systems. Continuous professional training is necessary for today’s security guards to meet industry requirements, and to excel throughout their career.

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Security guard assessing threat and risk during the alert

In today’s day and age, a detailed and comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is necessary for developing and implementing an effective physical security program. With more sophisticated crime operations spreading across North America every year, security management needs to keep up and address the risks.

A TRA provides a more thorough assessment of security risk than simply taking steps in isolation, such as studying threat statistics, historical data, or conducting a walk-through of the facility. Condor Security consultants can prepare assessments in compliance with applicable standards and industry best practices. They take data and information from a number of methods and combine the pieces together to form an extensive plan for sound security management.

The objective of a TRA is to protect against liability through identifying and understanding the risks facing the client community and property. A TRA aims at identifying exposures by determining potential security weaknesses and taking appropriate action to manage the risks and reduce the impact of threatening events.

Raising Awareness of Risk

TRAs are intended to raise the awareness of risks in an organization. The goal is to reach a level where risk-based decisions are effectively implemented on a continuous basis. TRAs ensure that all information is protected according to its sensitivity.

As a boutique security company, our team can prepare a TRA which is narrow and specialized to areas of particular concern or one which is broader in scope and covering a multitude of possibilities (including the development of a Business Continuity Plan or Emergency Response Plan).

The objectives and scope of the TRA are carefully outlined. Then the various risks and threats to the assets, systems and environment are systematically identified and quantified. An action plan is formulated on that basis.

The Process

The standard process of a comprehensive TRA consists of asset identification, threat analysis, risk assessment, and risk management. At the asset identification stage, assets are itemized and prioritized. A cost versus benefit analysis is a key factor of approaching improvement of security countermeasures.

For each asset, threat analysis is conducted to uncover the potential threats based on historical research and future projections. The root causes of each threat are considered and categorized by how likely an occurrence of damage or harm is to take place.

Information on assets and threats is compared via a risk assessment, which is the stage at which risk patterns emerge. Considered in an evaluation are the likelihood, severity, impact, cost, and time required to return operations to normal.

Risk management consists of providing recommendations and suggestions for improvement based on industry best practices and local laws, acts, and standards. Cost-effective measures that are realistic with appropriate solutions are taken, including practical mitigation strategies.

Aspects to Consider

  • Controlling secure areas
  • Reviewing access controls
  • Closing up or monitoring non-standard entry points to secure areas
  • Visitor supervision
  • Segregating access points
  • Physical penetration test
  • Random checks for unauthorized items
  • Fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, other detectors
  • Documentation discarding best practices
  • Monitoring and recording via security cameras
  • Measures to prevent unauthorized people from following authorized personnel into a secure area

A number of tools are used in a TRA to assess physical security risk, including law enforcement crime data and statistics available regarding the neighbourhood, spreadsheets and reports. It is valuable for the security team to speak on the phone or in person with local law enforcement to ask what types of crime are common in the area and what the response times are like for that department when a crime is reported.

Institutions should partner with local law enforcement to collect information about what equipment and procedures have worked, and which need to be improved, which can be helpful when making spending decisions regarding resources.

The Importance of a Continuous Presence

Security must be addressed from a 24-hour approach. Institutions are often highly conscious during the day of performing checks and guarding reception areas with greeters and other staff. But after hours, secure areas may become more open because the cleaning crew is inside and may prop a door open to a secured area to keep from having to open it. Yet physical security requires constant vigilance.

Penetration testing as part of the physical security risk assessment is very important. In today’s world, the focus of security is often on remote access to systems, but threats can come from criminals using social engineering to access a physical server or console onsite within the building.

The physical vulnerability that can happen involves multiple points of contact along the chain of physical security, which are the areas that need to be subject to a risk assessment. Reception procedures, locks and access, stairway access, windows and doors, all of these aspects must be covered.

Subcategories of TRAs in the Digital Age

Mobile Security Risk Assessment (MSRA): An assessment of mobile device security measures, such as for smartphones and tablets, and mobile applications.

Application Security Risk Assessment (ASRA): An assessment of the applications and software used on-site, including rogue software downloaded without authorization by employees.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment (CSRA): Assessing the cloud services and assets residing in the cloud.

Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA): An assessment of the services, operating systems, and systems hardware, including servers, workstations, and network appliances.

Taking the Next Step

Condor Security can also provide a full security audit, which provides additional insight into existing and proposed security infrastructure, including personnel training and performance, applicable procedures and policies, and physical security design. Implementing a full security plan can be less expensive than you may think. Often it is a case of shifting or redistributing resources rather than acquiring new ones.

Insurance rates can be reduced depending on the extent of the security plan, and items or resources purchased for security purposes can be funnelled into tax write-offs. The insights provided by a detailed TRA and other security assessment systems can be invaluable, as they can often save lives. Rather than waiting for a security breach to occur, prevention is important to stop a threat before it occurs.

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Security Training Programs

What is Condor Security?

Condor Security is a private security company that deals with hiring, training, and supporting security guards and condominium concierge personnel. Our security teams are responsible for the protection and supervision of multiple commercial, residential, institutional, and other types of properties and communities. Not only do we offer the services of trained guards, but we also offer security audits, custom security system development, and the installation of security monitors and other products.

Our trained guards are able to progress through a planned development regime designed to ensure each guard can provide exceptional security services and provide a structure for clear professional development. Here is a breakdown of the standard training program we offer for all Condor’s Staff:

1) Level 1 Security Training

Level 1 Security Training with Condor provides basic training based on what we, as security employers, look for when hiring. This ensures that you will receive effective, practical training that will translate to on-the-job preparedness. Our Level 1 training requires that you have successfully passed a resume screening and interview process, and hold a valid Ontario Security License and have completed the 40-hour security license program. Qualified candidates will learn basic security skills including effective communication with clients and residents and basic emergency response approaches. You will also gain an understanding of patrols and access control to help you manage security systems already in place in residential and commercial properties. From fire response, bomb threats, and medical emergencies to spotting suspicious individuals and vehicles, you will gain a basic understanding of the fundamental skills of private security. Candidates must receive a score of 70% or higher on the written test for each level of training to be considered for employment with Condor

2) First-Aid & CPR

Beyond the basic emergency response skills learned in Level 1, we also offer streamlined First-Aid and CPR training programs that will ensure you are capable of handling emergency situations with tact. Our course teaches a practical approach to first-aid and CPR, and you will receive a certificate of achievement certified by Toronto EMS Safe City. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently administer CPR and basic first-aid while at home or in the workplace. From breathing emergencies and choking to bone breaks and emergency scene management, this course will ensure you are prepared for real-world emergencies. This course is open to current staff and their family members & friends who are taking the initiative to get themselves trained and qualified for increased responsibility. This standard first-aid course also serves as a prerequisite for our Level 2 security training program.

3) Level 2 Security Training

Our Level 2 security training program is only available for Condor’s Staff who have completed Level 1 and First-Aid and CPR training. This course covers a variety of advanced skills for security staff, including emergency response, physical security and self-defence, threat and risk assessment, and local laws surrounding private security in Ontario. This intermediate training course is designed for qualified staff who have at least three months of work experience and a record of good performance. This course is ideal for those who want to progress within Condor and gain transferable skills and knowledge of the security and law enforcement fields. Upon completion of Level 2 training, you will be certified as a Condor Level 2 Guard.

4) Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo refers to a system of communication strategies and techniques designed for police officers and other law enforcement personnel to de-escalate volatile situations and conflicts. Through the use of empathy and other communication tactics, our Verbal Judo course will teach you how to effectively communicate with potentially dangerous individuals in order to see a peaceful resolution to any conflict. Positive communication skills are at the forefront of this program, helping you to develop an understanding of how to control conflict situations and use a tactical approach to disarming potential threats. This course has become a staple for police officers in Canada, proving its success in training officers to de-escalate dangerous situations. From dealing with hostile individuals to simply greeting people who enter the property, Verbal Judo uses field-based drills and exams to give you a wealth of practical skills that will improve how you communicate with clients, residents, and potential threats. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of achievement for Verbal Judo.

5) Level 3 Security Training

Level 3 security training builds on the foundation of knowledge you have developed in the previous courses, and it is only available for those who have completed both Level 2 and our Verbal Judo courses. Level 3 is much more physically and mentally strenuous, as it focuses on the practical application of unarmed defence tactics, handcuffing, conducting arrests, and use-of-force laws in Ontario. From self-defence drills to physical exercises designed to program self-defence tactics into your muscle memory, you will learn how to effectively defend yourself and others from harm. To take this course, you must complete the prerequisites as well as a skill test, interview with management, and standardized physical evaluation.

6) Tactical Awareness & Use of Force

We also offer three additional specialized courses for those looking to hone their skills. The first course involves ASP Use of Force training, which will help you build on your self-defence skills to protect yourself against hostile individuals. This course focuses on the fundamentals of Use of Force theory, while also expanding on your physical training to include how to defend yourself with a baton. Instructors guide you through a series of custom drills and exercises to ensure you remain in shape and prepared for physical altercations, if necessary. Our second specialized course – Tactical Awareness – teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and details how to conduct yourself in the event of a threatening situation. Tactical awareness training will help you notice threat cues and other signs of aggression from potential threats, allowing you to be better prepared for any hostile situation.

7) FireSafe

Our FireSafe training program provides participants with the knowledge necessary to respond to and prevent fire emergencies. This course is suited for Property Managers, Law Enforcement Officers, and Supervisors. Active Fire Fighter Instructors guide you through the basics of fire prevention and protection, the Ontario Fire Code, and how to be a valuable asset in keeping people safe. Participants receive practical hands-on training and experience real-life scenarios, including fire drills under the supervision of a Fire Captain.

These courses are only available for Condor staff who have proven themselves to be effective, responsible security guards.

For more information about our security services or to get a quote for a security audit of your property, call one of our trained security professionals at our 24-hour hotline at 416-410-4035 or explore our website.

Security audit

What is a Security Audit?

A security audit is a process used by trained security professionals to assess and analyze your property to locate weak points in your security, and then offer a plan of action to help improve your safety and security. Security audits are ideal for commercial buildings and complexes, office towers, condominiums, schools, and other commercial or residential spaces in need of increased security. Not only will this help improve the safety of your property for your residents or employees, but it will help prevent theft and damage to your property.

Here are five reasons why your property needs a professional security audit:

1) Security Assessment

Before installing an effective security system, it is important that you understand your property. At Condor Security, our security audits analyze your property to identify weak points in your security systems and design. We then provide a report to make sure you are aware of vulnerable areas that are susceptible to vandalism, theft, and other crimes. Our team of trained security professionals assess your property and identify where additional security measures are necessary. Depending on the needs of your property, we may recommend video camera surveillance, alarm systems, outdoor lighting, procedure changes, and adjustments to security guard services.

2) Risk Assessment & Cost/Benefit Plan

Beyond our security assessment services, we also offer risk assessment services. This involves a security professional identifying your assets and prioritizing your security investment to ensure your most valuable assets are protected. This process begins with asset identification and then examines the major threats to these assets. From there, we will work with you to create a cost/benefit analysis guide to determine how much security technology you require and create a custom security plan that fits your budget and ensures your assets are protected. In this way, we can create a security system tailored to your unique needs, so you can get the most protection for your investment.

3) Upgrade Your Security System

Once you have determined the high-risk areas of your property, as well as the weaknesses in your current security system, you can begin to upgrade your system. At Condor Security, we offer a wide range of security services tailored to the unique needs of your building or property. We offer live security video monitoring with custom cameras in specific areas of your property, helping to capture any unwanted incidents on camera. Videos can be recorded and viewed later, helping to ensure criminal activities result in arrests with proper evidence. Beyond video monitoring, we also offer alarm systems and coded access control systems which limit access to the building, ensuring only approved individuals have access to your property. We also will work with you to ensure that you understand how to maintain your security system to ensure it is always functioning properly, preventing issues like false alarm calls to the police. For more information about our alarm systems and security gear, explore our website here.

4) Crime Prevention

One of the added benefits of video cameras, alarms, and other security measures is that their mere presence helps to deter criminals from targeting your property. Cameras can be installed in a hidden manner, but cameras can also be installed so that they are very visible, out in the open, and in well-lit areas to prevent vandals, thieves, and other criminals from targeting your property. Although no home security system can guarantee the safety of your property, we do everything in our power to ensure your assets and residents are protected and that any criminal acts are caught on camera so there is sufficient evidence, should an unfortunate event occur.

5) Mobile Patrols and Security Guards

For high-risk areas and properties that have a history of being vandalized or robbed, we also offer the services of professional security guards and highly-trained mobile patrol units. All of our security guards are trained in crime deterrence, including an emphasis on effective communications (Verbal Judo), which involves tactical communication to mitigate risk. At Condor, our guards are trained to deter criminals from entering the premises thanks to a strong security presence. Should unwanted individuals still enter the premises, our guards are trained to detect unwanted acts and respond accordingly. Beyond residential and commercial properties, we also offer security guards and mobile units for large industrial properties, schools, and large retail centres.

Getting a comprehensive security audit will help you determine the security needs of your property. Not only can we help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security system, but we can also find high-risk areas that need to be addressed. From there, our trained security professionals will work with you to create a custom security system including video monitoring, alarm systems, coded entry, and any other security measure that is necessary to keep your residents and assets safe. Finally, we also offer the services of trained mobile units and security guards. Our guards have extensive first-aid, CPR, and fire safety training, while also being experts in verbal judo and other deterrence techniques.

For more information about our security services or to get a quote for a security audit of your property, call one of our trained security professionals at our 24-hour hotline at 416-410-4035 or explore our website.

Terry Fox Run 2018: Come Join The Run

Dear all Condor Staff !!!

The annual Terry Fox Run is taking place next Sunday September 16th.

TEAM CONDORwill be running and participating in this important cause!

Terry Fox Run Banner

If you want to help support the fight against cancer, you can do any of the following:

    Come out and run with Team Condor! If you’re up for taking part in the 10km run with a team that will start together, stay together, and finish together, come out and run with us!

Email and contact Condor’s office if you would like to register and run with the Condor Team!!

Terry Fox Run: Two Men

    All donations go directly to the Terry Fox Run, and are considered charitable donations which come with an official Tax Receipt. Visit Team Condor’s page at: http://www.terryfox.ca/teamcondor


    Lead your own campaign and utilize your social media, email contacts, and personal relationships. Choose a run site (from all over Ontario) that works best with you. Register and create your own page at: http://www.terryfox.org/run/


    There are many other ways to support the cause, from spreading awareness to volunteering and other creative avenues. You can check out this page for ideas: http://www.terryfox.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/

Terry Fox Run: People Together

Condor’s FIRST Terry Fox run was in 2016:


Our 2018 Team Goal is to donate $3600 to the Terry Fox charitable organization.

We encourage Condor Staff to take part only to the extent they feel comfortable.

And for anyone who may not be able to run, feel free to still join in on the FUN!
Meet Team Condor at the finish line!!

Condor is proud to take part in the 2018 Terry Fox Run!

Hope to see you at the FINISH!

Terry Fox Run: Finishing Point

security guard giving an emergency alert

When it comes to your business, it is essential that you cover your bases as far as safety and security are concerned. From petty theft to personal physical threat, these are concerns that can be taken care of by employing a properly trained, licensed and reputable security company. The very presence of a security guard can help offset potential revenue loss and ensure public safety Any business, including small businesses and all large gatherings of people, such as sporting events and festivals, can benefit from on-site security.

But, security guards are only 1 part of your overall security plan. Before hiring a security guard, here are 10 questions to ask that will help focus on your specific challenges and needs.

Have you had a threat and risk assessment?

As a first step, you can employ a security company to provide your business with an overall Threat and Risk Assessment. They will prepare assessments in line with applicable standards and industry best practices and can be narrow or broad in scope. Your assessment will help you determine the risk of the next items in this list.

Is your parking lot safe?

If you have a parking lot on your premise, things to think about concerning safety are your employee’s personal safety and the threat of damage to your business property. Parking lots are ripe for criminal activity, especially poorly lit ones. A security guard patrolling your parking lot can make your employees feel safe and can prevent theft, muggings, and attacks as well as vandalism. Lighting, monitored cameras, and 2-way intercoms placed strategically through the parking lot will increase the sense of security and capability to respond should there be an incident.

Is your inventory secure?

Part of your business may be isolated, such as your warehouse, and this leaves it vulnerable to break-ins. If this is the case, you would almost definitely benefit from patrolling security services. The cost of security will undoubtedly outbalance loss through theft.

Whether your business exists in a high or low crime area, the facts are that Canadian retailers lose over three billion dollars each year due to crime. Thirty-two percent of retail loss in Canada is due to theft, and thirty-five percent of shrinkage is the result of employee theft. The physical presence of well-trained and licensed security guards will reduce shrinkage and bring these figures down to a minimum.

Do you sell alcohol?

If your business involves the sale of alcohol, it is imperative that you employ security guards that are highly trained to not just deal with individuals but also how to spot problems before they take place. This is a concern involving liability. Fights can break out, putting people and property at risk. Our security guards can create a protective atmosphere and de-escalate any problem situations before they happen. We do this by using Verbal Judo techniques. If you’re curious about just what this technique entails, check this out; what is Verbal Judo?

How much traffic does your business have?

Does your business have a high number of people entering and exiting the building? It reflects well on your company to everyone passing through when they see a professional, uniformed security guard standing by. Security guards can monitor who comes and goes, as well as help with checking people in and out and giving out IDs or name tags. More importantly, what kind of security systems do you have in place, such as access control systems, to identify, classify, and record both authorized and unauthorized persons? What procedures exist to respond to trespassing and unauthorized persons on the property?

Do you have an appointed safety officer?

Some workplaces have a designated safety officer. If this is not the case, or your company needs help with safety duties, security guards can certainly help out. Apart from regular safety officer duties, our guards can sit in on safety meetings or chair the safety committee. Versatile guards mean you get more bang for your buck.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need help from time-to-time in emergency situations. Hiring a company who can offer trained, level-headed security guards that can deal quickly with a range of emergency situations is of great necessity.

You can meet all these needs at the same time by hiring a professional Security Consultant. They will be able to give you advice and assessments based on industry standards. They will also design, build, train, and manage your security infrastructure and operations to meet your objectives.

For more information about hiring a security guard for your business, call Condor Security at 888 614 5317 or contact us here.