Condor Ascent #2: Because We Care

January 11, 2011 By Condor’s Team

The “Stuff that Car, Stuff those Tummies 2010” project began in the mind of a Condor Security Level 3 Guard. She envisioned a goal for Condor Employees to bring as much non-perishable food items as possible to their sites for donation to Show Kids You Care. The challenge was to gather enough food to stuff a mobile patrol vehicle, which would visit the sites to pick up the food on New Year’s Eve.

Condor Employees rose to the challenge and donated 36 full bags of food in one night, stuffing the patrol vehicle so much that the driver had to unload some of the items at the office in the middle of the night to make room for more donations.

The food was contributed to a local elementary school’s breakfast and lunch program, which had recently been closed due to a lack of funding.

Thanks to the generosity and effort of Condor’s staff, and the power of an idea turned into action, the school was able to re-open this program and sent a letter of appreciation to Condor Security.

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