Joel T– Condor Employee

The instructor made the training very enjoyable by engaging each and every one of us.  I felt the day passed far too quickly.  I would recommend the course to others and would participate in it again.

This course was an eye opener and served its purpose.  Very educational and motivating

Tactical Awareness is very much important and beneficial inside and outside the workplace.  It has taught me to cope with different factors in real life for safe and protective daily living.

The instructor was very informative and helpful in shining light on how to deter a situation from becoming physical.”

I am very pleased to have received this training; it makes me a more valuable asset to my workplace and society as a whole.  I am very grateful to know that there are now more people who can assist in saving lives and injuries.

really loved the hands on training and real life scenarios.  The instructor was very serious about getting the info across and teaching everyone.  I would definitely recommend this course and I look forward to re-taking it.

Great flow of the course.  After having taken SFA/CPR 3 times prior, I feel that the balance and timing of the theoretical components with the practical drills could not have been better.”

he course was better than I ever imagined.  It was engaging, interesting, and very helpful.  I believe that if every responsible citizen knew how to apply Verbal Judo properly, there would be less conflict, crime, violence, and war.”

The Verbal Judo course was like a precious gift for me and I was eager to get these unparalleled skills.  Verbal Judo is the art of giving a bitter medicine to someone who then tastes it like strawberries

This course showed me what I need to work on both personally and professionally.