Security Guard Jobs in Hamilton Ontario

Security Guards Jobs in Hamilton

Security Guard Jobs in Hamilton Ontario

Are you a natural-born Canadian citizen or hold a permanent residency card residing in Hamilton and looking for a job in the security sector? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn (in case you’re unaware) about the availability of thousands of security guard jobs in Hamilton. Following are some of the security guard jobs in Hamilton Ontario that you can apply to right away:-

  • Security Guard, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Fulltime Security Guard, St. Joseph Healthcare, King Campus
  • Security Guard, STONEY CREEK, OEIS Protection
  • Fulltime Security Guard, Allied Universal
  • Afternoon Security Guard, AIM Recycling
  • Security Guard, Synterra
  • Hospital Security Guard, GardaWorld
  • Mobile Compliance Verification Guards, G4S
  • Hospital Security Guard Screener, Local Work. Ca
  • FT Security Guard Position, Federal Facilities Commissionaires
  • Temporary Part-Time Security, Alternative Healthcare Facility
  • Fulltime On-Call Security Guard, G4S Secure Solutions Canada
  • Fulltime Concierge Security Guard, Regal Security
  • Security Guard, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd
  • Security Guards, Canadian Protection Services
  • Security Guard, ION Security Inc.

Security Guard Jobs Hamilton: Duties

  • Monitoring and recording all activities related to security
  • Patrolling the premises regularly
  • Keeping an eye out for burglars, intruders, and trespasser
  • Making the most of digital surveillance and alarm systems
  • Confronting individuals loitering around or acting suspiciously and apprehending them if required
  • Supervising traffic, maintaining law and order in the community, and acting upon feedback and complaints

Security Guard Jobs in Hamilton Ontario: Abilities

  • Interpersonal and professional skills
  • Judgment skills
  • Disaster and threats preempting skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Tactical awareness skills
  • Accountability and honesty

Security Guard Eligibility Conditions

  • Must have attained the age of eighteen at the time of applying to security guard jobs in Hamilton
  • Must be fluent in French or English (read, write, and speak)
  • If convicted of a crime in the past then must have served the sentence and have been exonerated
  • Should be mentally and physically fit
  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Some companies may require you to hold a Level 3 Security Training Certificate as well as CPR and First Aid Diploma
  • Should have a valid driving license
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or hold a ‘permanent residency status’ card

Security Guard Certifications

Security Guard Jobs in Hamilton: Benefits

Security guards have a key role to play in ensuring the safety of various commercial, religious, and political institutions in general, and individuals in particular. Almost every firm or company engaged in different commercial or industrial sectors of an economy hires security guards for the protection of life and property. Most security guard jobs in Hamilton Ontario advertised by various companies and businesses offer the following benefits:-

Career advancement/development opportunities

Once you start working, you can take steps that’ll not only enable you to contribute towards the growth of your organization but also let you grow professionally. For instance, you can enroll in a degree program in criminology & policing (if you haven’t already). Earning a higher academic qualification will allow you to apply to jobs higher on the security hierarchical order such as an armed security guard or a surveillance officer.

A private investigator’s or casino surveillance officer’s job not only lets you earn much more than a security guard but also comes with more power and authority. You’ll also need to undergo specialized training and obtain a permit or license for carrying a firearm for applying to such high-profile security jobs in Hamilton Ontario

Prospective entry-level positions

A security guard job is one of the few vocations or professions that you can take up if you just have a high school diploma. On the other hand, you also don’t need to have any prior work experience when you’re applying to an entry-level security guard job, Hamilton. Many firms and businesses in Hamilton hire private security guards who have little to no professional experience.

If you don’t have any work experience but are still hired as an entry-level security guard, then chances are that your employer will train you.

Opens up multiple new career paths and options

Once you find employment as a first-time job seeker and amass experience down the line, you’ll qualify for applying to prestigious security positions. Simply put after you’ve worked as a security guard for some years, you could look forward to working as a police officer or a security guard supervisor.

Leeway to explore a wide variety of niches and specialties

Unlike many other job positions, a security guard job offers you the opportunity of exploring a wide range of specialties and niches. For instance, a security guard opening could see you working as a bouncer, personal bodyguard, armed guard, armored car guard, janitor, concierge, sentinel, and so on. All these different security positions have a specific job profile as well as a distinct work environment.

So it follows that the type of training program you’ll register for will depend upon the particular security position you’re interested in. Also bear in mind the salary, perks, and scope for career advancement will vary depending upon the job title. For instance, as an armed guard, you’ll draw a higher salary than a security guard simply because the former position comes with more responsibilities and risks.

Security Guard Jobs in Hamilton Ontario: Employment Outlook

While other industries are shrinking in this economy, security companies continue to hire. Average job growth for this industry is one of the most stable of all careers – this country will not stop needing security officers anytime soon. Once you pick up enough experience at one company, you become more of an asset in general and you can consider moving to other companies that offer more generous employment packages.

The number of industries experiencing continuous growth can be counted on hand and the security industry is one. The security industry in Canada has steady grown in the past few years and it is expected that the trend will continue at least for the next 5-6 years. The total number of vacancies (including new openings and positions vacated by retired employees) created has nearly matched up with the total number of job seekers in the last few years.

And it is estimated that the total number of jobs that’ll be available in the coming years will be adequate to employ all first-time applicants and job seekers.



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