Security Guard Jobs in Mississauga

security guard jobs in mississauga

Security Guard Jobs in Mississauga

Unlike most other professions, a job as a security guard offers you ample opportunities to demonstrate and exploit your skills without being highly academically qualified. Though the above assertion may sound incredible, it’s possible to get a security guard job in Mississauga even if you just hold a high school diploma. At the same time, you can land an entry-level security guard position even if you don’t have any professional experience.

There are hundreds of companies and business organizations in Mississauga that hire trained security guards without any experience. Contrary to what many jobseekers and applicants believe, a career as a security guard can be gratifying and worthwhile provided you’re dedicated. As a security guard or security officer, you’ll be responsible for safeguarding your employer’s property and assets.

The responsibilities of a security guard also include patrolling clients’ premises to foil and frustrate incidences of theft, homicide, violence, and other criminal offenses. Career-oriented security guards if they put in a lot of effort and work earnestly can expect to reach the zenith of their vocation. To become a skillful security guard, you’ll need to be fit, physically and mentally, hone your interpersonal skills, and cultivate a strong sense of duty.

You can work as a security officer either in the public or private sector through most security guard jobs Mississauga is available in the latter. Security guard jobs in Mississauga Ontario specialties include bouncer, gaming surveillance officer, armed security guard, armored vehicle guard, prison guards, bodyguard, and much more. As a security guard you may have to work independently or as a member of a team for protecting buildings, warehouses, shops, airports, railheads, ports, and conduct vehicular or foot patrols.

Security guard jobs in Mississauga Ontario

Following are some of the security guard jobs in Mississauga Ontario that job seekers can apply to. Make sure you go through the job profile and offer details thoroughly as well as check the employer’s background before you apply. and are two good sites that you can log into for going through the reviews and testimonials of past and present staff of your prospective employers.

  • The industrial security guard, GardaWorld
  • Security Guard, G4S Secure Solutions
  • Security Guard Supervisor, AKIN FORCE
  • Security Guard Supervisor, Ardent Security, and Investigative Services Inc
  • Loss Prevention Agent, Simons
  • Security Guard Supervisor Active Security Enterprises
  • Security Guard, Securitas Canada Ltd.
  • Security Guard Supervisor, LA ROPA Textiles

Following are the cities near Toronto where you can search for high-paying/high-wage security guard jobs in Ontario:

  • Ottawa
  • London
  • Brampton
  • North York
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • Greater Toronto Area

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Are you looking for a security guard job in Mississauga? Are you in search of an accredited and recognized security service or agency that can offer you quality training essential for landing a security guard job? You’ll also need to have a valid license for applying to various security guard jobs in Mississauga and for working as one.

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  • Employee reward programs

Security guard responsibilities

If you receive and accept a security guard job Mississauga offer letter, you’ll have to work full-time usually on a rotating shift basis. Once you gain a few years of professional experience you may the leeway of choosing a roster that suits you. Initially, you’ll work at multiple sites of different employers but in the long run, will be posted at a specific location.

  • Taking advantage of advanced alarm and surveillance systems for defending lives and property at client sites
  • Reporting for duty punctually and checking out the handover report from the security guard you’re relieving
  • Going around the entire perimeter of your client’s premises or property during your duty hours
  • Preparing detailed and accurate reports and accounts about incidents of theft, larceny, homicide, and other transgressions as well as taking remedial and mitigation measures
  • Preparing appropriate handover reports once your shift is over and passing the same to the employee taking over from you
  • Carrying out shift handover process once at the beginning of the shift and again at the end to make sure that your reliever is aware of everything of significance
  • Apart from physically patrolling the entire site (either on foot or mobile patrols), you should be sufficiently tech-savvy to monitor CCTV as well as handle state-of-the-art alarm and surveillance systems
  • Check the IDs of everybody entering or leaving the premises regularly
  • Always ready to deal with crises and emergencies including alerting the occupants of the premises and conducting evacuations
  • Working as an effective team member for quick and effective resolution of conflict situations and preventing the flare-up of events with potential for conflict

Security guard eligibility conditions

You’ll need to develop and master certain professional and interpersonal skills to perform your duties (as a security guard) effectively. For a start, you’ll need to have excellent observational skills to quickly figure out situations that have the potential for turning into full-blown conflicts. You’ll need to have an excellent presence of mind and a good sense of judgment for making on-the-spot decisions.

Staying in good shape physically and mentally is a must for anybody who wants to work as a security guard or a patrol officer. At the same time, you should be adept in using weapons and firearms that you’ll have to carry while on duty.

Eligibility conditions for applying to a security guard position:-

  • Should be at least 18 years of age
  • Must possess a driver’s license
  • Should clear the qualifying exam conducted by the Ontarian government
  • Must have a valid security guard license
  • Must have a high school diploma (higher qualifications would be an added advantage)
  • Should have a CPR/first aid certification

The above is not an exhaustive list of conditions; visit for the full list.


ISO Certified Security Company

Condor’s security professionals are ASIS International certified for physical security and protection best practices, ensuring clients get quality service at the highest industry standard.


From beginning to end, Condor will manage every aspect of creating a Custom Security System.

  • Assess existing security camera and video/audio surveillance systems
  • Choose the right contractors for client needs
  • Recommend what equipment to use, what to buy, and where to find it
  • Verify price points on new equipment and contractor services, and
  • Ensure compliance with local standards, guidelines, and best practices

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