Event Security Services

Special Event Security Solutions

When you want your event to be successful, every detail is important.
Condor can help provide guests a safe and enjoyable experience.  To ensure safety and mitigate risks, recognized Physical Security Professionals through ASIS International are actively involved in the security planning and policy development process.  Senior security guard staff are designated to be team leaders, and all security guard staff assigned to the event are trained in effective communications, access control, crowd control, and emergency response.

24/7 Dispatch Service

Security guard personnel have a support structure for reporting incidents and receiving additional direction. Condor Security’s support structure includes a dedicated 24/7 Dispatch service, Mobile Patrol Supervisors who frequently conduct site inspections, and management representatives on call 24/7.


Security for your corporate image

Condor Security Inc. can assist in providing corporate conferences, private concerts, conventions, expositions, celebrations, and parties with safe and enjoyable experiences.  Well-dressed, customer service-focused security personnel are trained to quickly respond to emergency situations.  They will help to ensure that only authorized guests and event personnel are permitted into the function.  Condor’s objective is that the event will run smoothly and achieve it’s goals.


Social commitment and responsibility

One of Condor Security’s Core Values is Social Commitment. Condor Security Inc. believes strongly in corporate and social responsibility.  Condor has partnered with such organizations as Canadian Blood Services, Toronto Foundation for Student Success, and Show Kids You Care in the past and will continue to seek out initiatives which help those in need in the local community.  Condor’s fundraiser event security services are reliable and dedicated to a successful turnout.

Art Shows

Create a powerful experience

Providing a unique and remarkable experience is paramount for the success of large scale performance art shows.  The investments made in creation, promotion, cutting-edge technology and equipment, leading performers, and touring need to result in a phenomenal production that will make headlines.  Condor provides performance art security solutions which will ease “performance anxiety” and help event managers remain focused on the show while security needs are taken care of.


Protect what’s important

Condor will help protect what’s really important: attendees, valuables, and the integrity of the event.  Security guard staff trained to have a professional approach and a helpful attitude will provide direction and assitance to event attendees, and can also quickly respond to urgent matters such as medical emergencies.  Security personnel will safeguard equipment and other assets necessary for the event to be a success.


Condor Security selects for security guard positions only motivated and responsible individuals with initiative and the capability to manage stress and pressure. These individuals receive numerous opportunities for training and self development, some mandatory and some optional.