Hospitality Jobs & Careers – Luxury Condo Concierge Toronto Entertainment & Financial District

If you’re someone who enjoys laughing and talking with people, is detail-oriented (especially when it comes to class and style), who is energized by helping people, and who likes having a position of trust founded upon on consistent results – you should apply for one of the highest paying concierge jobs and best paying hospitality jobs in Toronto.
Condor looks for people who sincerely enjoy the “human experience,” and gives them the opportunity to excel.

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Job Requirements

What exactly does a condominium concierge in a high-end luxury condo do?

As a Luxury Condo Concierge Security Guard in the Downtown Toronto Entertainment and Financial District, you combine the key aspects of hospitality jobs, customer service jobs, and security jobs.

  • You talk with, assist, and build trust with residents
  • Report to the Head Concierge, Property Manager, and Security Manager
  • Participate in all security and safety practices, and required on-site paid training
  • You maintain your high status as a reliable customer service rep and protection agent
  • You perform basic security duties and functions to keep the condominium safe and stress-free
  • Maintain full cooperation with all applicable laws, acts, regulations, and legislation (full training provided), and adhere to all emergency response procedures
  • Assist in welcoming guests at the main entrance, and respectfully confirming with residents whether to allow guests in, have them wait, or discreetly turn them away
  • You help the condominium community achieve its mission of being an amazing place to live, and maintain its status as one of the most luxury condominium brands in the Greater Toronto Area.
Starting at $16.00 and up!

Everything you need to know

Does this describe you, what you’re looking for, and the people you want to be surrounded by?

  • “5 Star” approach to customer service and hospitality.  Always thinking ahead with service excellence and attention to detail.
  • Strive to always “raise the bar” on resident and guest satisfaction through positive and professional experiences.  Friendly and warm interactions are the cornerstone of success in hospitality jobs.
  • Maintain a balanced and professional relationship with residents and guests, and not be influenced by “celebrity-status” to bend rules or pull favours against the interest of the condominium community as a whole
  • Be the “face of the community.” As the first person seen by residents and guests entering the building, your uniform, presentation, body language, smile, eye contact, and words make a difference
  • Self-motivated, with enthusiasm for a fast-paced environment, multi-tasking, and creative problem solving with minimal supervision
  • Generally good with computers, able to type well, use Microsoft Office software, use the internet, and pick up new software & technology without much difficulty
  • Emotionally regulated, resolving any conflicts and complaints with a calm and polite attitude despite the situation
  • Works well with others on a committed team, and upholds individual responsibilities with integrity
  • Be proactive, bring forward suggestions for improvement, inspire in your team members a sense of ownership and partnership to maintain the reputation and luxury status of the condominium

This is an opportunity to:

  • Join the best, most professional concierge, security, and hospitality team in Toronto
  • Have one of the highest paying concierge jobs, and high paying hospitality jobs in Toronto, starting at $16.00 and up!
  • Apply your excellent communications skills in an energetic and refined environment
  • Be in a luxury setting and provide customer service to interesting people

Opportunities for energetic, personable, communicative people to be part of the best and highest paying concierge teams in toronto, and who are looking for hospitality jobs & careers – luxury condo concierge security professionals in downtown toronto entertainment and financial district positions are available! $16.00 – $18.00 and up ! Employee health & benefits package!

You’ll be perfect for the job with us if you:

  • Tend to thrive in dynamic environments
  • Approach challenges with common sense and practicality
  • Possess the empathy and composure to understand and work with all kinds of people
  • Can focus under pressure and carry out procedures in which you’ve been well trained
  • Keep a good “to do list” – understanding what must happen in a day, a week, a month – while keeping the mission level in mind

Assist and respond with care to a variety of requests, including:

  • package and parcel service
  • entertainment / dining reservations
  • diligently recording movement of unit keys
  • assisting residents with amenities and services
  • local area guidance, direction and transportation assistance
  • booking the moving elevator and maintaining accurate resident records

About Condor

Condor’s Concierge and Security brands are well known in the Greater Toronto Area for high level quality service in the luxury condominium and luxury rental apartment markets. Condor offers: Paid training Professional development Exclusive Health and Dental Benefits GoodLife Fitness Corporate Wellness Membership Discounts and “Job Perks” with a number of organizations and companies Most importantly, Condor prides itself on its culture of professionalism and care towards its clients and its staff.