Condor’s stringent recruitment process includes layers of interviews and pre-screening, hands-on practical training, and education on community-specific details which are standardized and documented. Mobile Patrol Supervisors regularly visit concierge security personnel at Condor clients to provide ongoing training and support, ensure policy compliance, and assist in emergencies.

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.


Condor’s Condominium Concierge services provide residential condo communities a blend of security with class. They are the first people seen when entering a condominium; their image represents the community. Condo concierges provide a personal touch for residents, guests, and visitors: they welcome residents home with a smile, learn their names and preferences, and attend to security matters and “front desk” customer service. Thanks to their familiarity with the unique culture of each condo, they are often the first to notice signs of security issues, and are a good source of support for Property Managers and Boards of Directors.

The professional appearance of concierge security personnel adds a sense of luxury to any condominium, giving residents a taste of the hotel experience. A professional concierge team improves safety and provides peace of mind.

Iso Certified Security Company

Condor is ASIS International certified and holds a valid ISO certification, ensuring high-quality professional services and freedom from liability for all clients. Condor is a member in good standing of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), and is active and involved within the Ontario condominium market, and up to date on quality and ethics standards.



Concierges provide an excellent standard of condominium customer service and wide variety of services to residents and guests, including:
  • menity reservations
  • Elevator bookings
  • Package and parcel transfer
  • Verification and access control for visitors
  • Parking control and enforcement
  • Programming access cards and fobs
  • Preparing security reports for property management
  • Monitoring security footage
  • Responding to fires, floods, leaks, power outages, elevator entrapments, and other emergencies
  • Patrolling the premises, responding to weaknesses in security, and preventing or reporting property damage

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.



Condominium concierge in addition to their role in enhancing resident experiences, condo concierges also help reduce the load on Property Managers. They can provide administrative support, assist with day-to-day operational tasks, and serve as a liaison between residents, contractors, guests, Property Management, and the Board of Directors.
Condor’s Services are flexible, and can be tailored to suit client needs, providing the best condominium security for every property.

Concierge security contractors help reduce liability by ensuring adherence to property policies and industry local laws, acts, and regulations. They provide condo security around the clock, making sure there is always someone supervising the front desk, and can assist residents with security concerns at all hours.

Condor provides all employees with extensive security training and frequent opportunities to enhance their existing skillsets, and works hard to be the best possible security company for each individual client.


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