Access Control solutions help clients to protect their properties and the people and critical assets contained within


Condor designs and installs custom alarm systems to help clients secure their homes or businesses. With a 24/7 monitoring system, Mobile Response capabilities, and an automated email alert service


Condor’s certified professionals can carry out a comprehensive assessment of security system infrastructure and make recommendations for upgrades, improvements, and new installations.


Condor’s security consultant professionals can manage, from start to end, the installation and/or integration of security systems into a new or existing property / community.


All Canadians who have a home of their own consider their abode as their most prized possession. Therefore the homeowners spare no effort and do everything possible for safeguarding their dwellings from burglars, housebreakers, intruders, and trespassers. So it follows Canadian proprietors and property-holders accord huge significance to private home security for good reasons.

Unlike most other countries, crime rates are extremely low in Canada but that does not imply the country is crime-free. According to Statistics Canada over 1.5million property crime incidents occur every year on average out of which nearly 1, 60,000 are burglary incidences. Hence it does not need to be emphasized that home security is a priority for Canadians who own a home.

If you reside in the Greater Toronto Area and looking for a reputed company or agency that can provide quality home security services, then you can bank on Condor Security.


At Condor Security we know only too well that homeowners in Toronto want to keep their abodes safe and secure. Keeping the home security needs of our existing and potential clients in mind, we offer a personalized home security Toronto solution for each client. In the age of information and this digital era, you can pick and choose from a variety of home security systems to safeguard your property.

The sheer variety of home security systems available both online and across brick-and-mortar outlets could overwhelm you when you start shopping for an appropriate home security system. Regardless of whether you own a condo, apartment house, or a mansion, you can review several alarm systems and select one appropriate for your home security needs.  You can choose from products available as subscription services that work 24/7 or settle for an automated security system.

We offer a variety of security systems for homes, including but not limited to alarm systems, Wi-Fi security cameras, and CCTVs of well-known brands. At the same time, we provide a wide range of accessories compatible with private home security systems just in case. If you so want we can also assist you in selecting the right security system that works for your home.

Condor Security supplies business- as well as home security– and alarm systems to commercial and domestic clients in Greater Toronto Area. We also make available smart home security systems that you can pair wirelessly with your smartphone for keeping an eye on your abode from anywhere. So irrespective of whether you want to secure your home from break-in, robbery, larceny, fire, and natural disasters, you’re covered.

So why not get in touch with us today so that one of Condor Security’s staff can help you out in picking a suitable product.

Practical Tips to Boost Private Home Security

Toronto’s municipal policing service-TPS (Toronto Police Department) always advises Canadians and city residents to take appropriate measures for securing their homes from burglars and trespassers. On a personal level, you can take the following steps for keeping your residence safe at all times:-

Take advantage of the landscaping surrounding your house–tall plants can be strategically placed along your outer walls to make it harder for criminals to easily determine whether or not it’s worth the risk to break in.

You could be compromising on the safety and security of your home if you secure only the entrance at the front. Modern-day housebreakers and burglars try to break in through the side entrances or the backside of homes. Burglars nowadays do not want to waste time attempting to break into your home from the front as they know the frontage is strongly secured.

So ensure to install high-quality long-lasting padlocks or security devices on all entry/exit points of your abode. And when it comes to securing your office or commercial space, go for a smart security system that you can control using your smartphone.

More often than not intruders and robbers attempt to break your dwelling via the garage, especially if the depot appends the house. Burglars can easily force their way in through the garage if you leave the carport open or unlocked. Therefore make sure you secure your garage from opportunistic impostors and trespassers by setting up a smart lock or automatic alarm system that you can access via your phone.

Most break-ins, robberies, and burglaries are carried out during the night when visibility tends to be extremely low. Burglars, thieves, robbers, and housebreakers find it easier and more comfortable to break into homes at nighttime under the cover of darkness. So it does not need to be stressed that you should keep the front and back doorways well-lit.

At the same time consider illuminating the gate, the path leading to the front entrance, and the perimeter of your home. A thief or burglar will think twice before attempting to break in if the exterior of your property remains illuminated at night. If the border of your residence is well-lit, then trespassers will find it very difficult to intrude or encroach as they won’t be able to hide.

If you own a mansion or a manor with a garden surrounding the abode then you can consider barricading the property. You can fence the boundary by erecting high walls or install barbed wire throughout the border of your house.

Besides fencing your property, you can also take advantage of landscaping for protecting your residence from encroachers and intruders. You can plant trees that grow to a great height, along the circumference or boundary of your abode that’ll discourage prowlers and gatecrashers from intruding.

The steps outlined above are just a few practical ways you can make the most of guaranteeing your home’s security. The most noticeable benefit of taking advantage of these security tips is that they’re easily implementable. Nevertheless, you’d be better off opting for a state-of-the-art home security system for ensuring the foolproof safety of your home.

Many Toronto homeowners have reported that they had complete peace of mind once they opted for an advanced alarm system for their homes. Automatic and smart alarm systems are remarkably effective in dissuading intruders and robbers from committing burglaries.

At Condor Security, we not only can provide you with a sophisticated home security alarm system but also recommend the right product for you.