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Condor Security offers Mobile Patrol Security Services conducted by its highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors. Services are offered to a variety of clients including commercial, business, and residential properties.

Condor’s Mobile Patrol Cruisers are equipped with the right technology to ensure a quick response, exchange real time incident information with clients, communicate timely information with alarm monitoring stations, and maintain accurate records of all actions taken.

The Mobile Patrol Supervisor team is supported and supervised 24/7 by a dedicated management team that oversees all operational aspects of their duties.

Condor’s Mobile Patrol Supervisors are also certified and licenced as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers to provide Parking Enforcement Services in the cities of Toronto, Vaughan, and Markham.

Mobile Patrol Security Services Totonto

Why Use A Professional Mobile Patrol Security In Toronto

Condor Security provides exceptionally trained and dedicated Mobile Patrol Security Guards/Supervisors who in turn offer excellent mobile patrol services in Toronto. At Condor Security we furnish unparalleled and unique security patrol services to both domestic and commercial clientele. We sign mobile patrol security Toronto contracts with banks, shopping malls, offices, insurance firms, supermarkets, hotel, and restaurant chains, condominiums, and residential properties.

Mobile Patrol Services Available On-Demand

When it comes to offering foolproof security to your property, assets, and resources a mobile patrol security guard is indispensable. So we ensure to send fully trained plainclothes (undercover) and uniformed security guards holding a valid license for patrolling clients’ premises.  Mobile Patrol Cruisers come integrated with the appropriate technology for sharing information about events immediately with clients and respond accordingly.

Our mobile patrol supervisors also serve as licensed and certified municipal law enforcement officers performing parking enforcement services in Markham, Vaughan, and Toronto. Condor’s security guards and security officers furnish security patrol services to a wide variety of property such as office buildings, construction properties, public events, gated communities, condos, and so on.

Condor Security Offers Personalized Mobile Patrol Security Services

Regardless of whether you’re the manager of a condominium or the chief security officer of a multinational, you can never go wrong with opting for mobile patrol security services. At Condor Security we join forces and discuss in-depth with every client for thrashing out a personalized security solution. We know all too well that every client has specific security requirements and preferences including but not limited to budget and duty hours.

We go out of the way to make sure that our clients can easily and readily access patrolling supervisors and mobile patrol security guards. Our security guards provide the following services:-

  • Patrol the entire perimeter of your property/properties
  • Inspect and screen individuals entering or exiting a building
  • Implement regulations to ensure that everybody and everything is safe and sound
  • Restrain and apprehend people who loiter around in a suspicious manner
  • Check and thwart larceny, vandalism, sabotage, and other forms of offenses

The above of course is not an exhaustive list as our security officers offer many other security services.

Iso Certified Security Company

All Mobile Patrol Supervisors are trained and certified in Condor Level 1, Condor Level 2, Condor Level 3, Verbal Judo, Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR, and ASP at an instructor level.  With Condor’s ISO 9001:2008 certified human resources and security training process, clients are guaranteed a professional service.

Mobile Patrol Services detect and deter acts of vandalism, theft, trespassing, loitering and vagrancy, and quickly address any criminal activity that may occur on a client’s property.  Proactive measures are taken to minimize threats and risks to a client’s assets. Examples of commonly requested Mobile Patrol Services:

  • opening and closing of property according to client needs
  • ​routine patrols to increase deterrence and sense of security presence
  • residential home patrols to deter burglary and robbery
  • timely alarm response and investigation

Security Patrol Services

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