Be part of a winning team and an enthusiastic, positive environment.
Develop and hone skills which will last a lifetime,
through training and professional development opportunities.
“Security jobs” have meaning and purpose, through protecting people and
their communities, helping to establish a better future.
Build and strengthen your network by meeting new people with diverse backgrounds.




Climb the ranks! Attain new skills and performance capabilities via Condor’s Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 self development program appropriately named the “Condor Evolution.” As you reach higher levels, your job and career opportunities increase. Condor’s assistance program for ASIS International’s PSP (Physical Security Professional) designation is aimed at providing motivated individuals dedicated to advancement in the security field with international recognition. Those looking for security jobs will find opportunities for future careers in security.


Be part of a group of motivated, responsible individuals with the initiative to learn, the capability to perform under pressure, and with the common mindset of striving for continual improvement each and every day. You are welcome to apply with Condor Security if your goal is to make a career in the Toronto security field, branch out into law enforcement, or use your experience in a security company as a stepping stone to a career in another professional field. Security guard jobs or employment in the security field, whether as a security guard or as a condominium concierge, is challenging and develops valuable skills.

Condominium Concierge Toronto


Condor Security offers employment in an enthusiastic, team-based environment. Managers, supervisors, and senior staff provide guidance and training to new team members to speed up and support professional development. Condor’s learning culture and high expectations on performance creates the foundation for continual improvement, responsible work methods, and a respectful attitude for colleagues. Condor Staff provide security services with excellent client relations.


How do I become a security guard?
Interested in working, but don’t know the steps required to become a licensed security guard?  Click here to learn how to become a licensed security guard in the province of Ontario in 6 simple steps.  You can also find more information on the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services government website, via the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Branch.
Already licensed and are ready to start working with Condor?
Condor provides security personnel services in commercial buildings and office towers, student campuses, schools and other private properties.  Click here to learn more about security jobs and positions. If you’re interested in a more customer-service focused and administrative position, you might be interested to work as a condo security guard and concierge.  Click here to learn more about hotel-style security work.
Once experienced and trained, a wider variety of security jobs are available which offer growth and promotion opportunities into supervisory roles and leadership positions.  Learn more about what to expect in a security career and also here is an article with 5 tips on how to be a sucessful security guard.