Tactical AWARENESS - Response to Threat Cues

Tactical Awareness is an extremely important, yet often neglected subject in the private security field: the recognition and response to “threat cues” – subtle signs of human aggression.  While this is a commonly addressed topic in policing, most training programs in the private security field do not go into much detail in this subject matter; this is the reason the Tactical Awareness Training Toronto course was created and implemented.

For private security personnel and law enforcement officers, personal safety is the highest priority.  The Tactical Awareness course teaches you both how to recognize threat cues that are often missed by the untrained eye, and tactics available to respond to these threat cues while maintaining personal safety.  This course is available only to Condor Security staff and public law enforcement personnel.

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  • techniques and habits for increasing awareness and safety
  • recognizing “threat cues”
  • tactical responses to threats, field tested by police officers
  • the art ofeffective interviewing
  • “Flash Drills” testing your tactical awareness and communication skills
  • basics of the Canadian legal system
  • the skill of articulation
  • courtroom simulation exercises

Why Is Important To Learn Tactical Awareness?

Tactical awareness entails improving and sharpening your perception and sensitivity of elements and components in your immediate surroundings. Additionally, tactical or situational awareness implies comprehending the connotations and undertones of such environmental aspects and how these ecological constituents could bring about abrupt changes. When you’re suddenly face-to-face with a life-endangering situation, you feel more confident if you’re armed or carrying a weapon.

But when it comes to dealing with a potentially hostile and life-threatening scenario would have the same confidence level if you were unarmed? And this is exactly where Condor Security’s situational awareness course comes to your aid. Our tactical awareness course teaches you how to effectively deal with circumstances that not only put your life at risk but also those around you.

Situational Awareness Program

Condor’s situational awareness program lays stress on how you can put yourself out of harm’s way and protect yourself, especially if you’re unarmed when facing a hazardous situation. The military has a definite term for describing and classifying such situations-situational awareness. Most of us take some time (about 5-7 seconds) before we can make out that a disaster or catastrophe is about to unfold, and respond accordingly.

And that timeframe is more than adequate for terrorists, fanatics, radicals, and antisocial elements to unleash terror by drumming up the surprise element. These disruptive elements know only too well that it’ll be too late by the time the general public reacts and respond to the mayhem. For such antisocial and fanatics, those few seconds are enough to catch their target unawares and call the shots for making unethical and disreputable demands.

And if you’re not prepared to deal with such an emergency or crisis then you’re practically done for. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to confront such a situation and have the capability to take the situation in your stride, then you’ll not only save yourself but also those around you. The better your level of realization or awareness, the more quickly will you be able to respond.

Details about situational awareness course offered by Condor Security

Though oftentimes overlooked but crucial for security personnel in general and law enforcement officers in particular, tactical awareness involves preempting and confronting threats. Condor Security, a reputed and well-established security service provider has developed and perfected its tactical awareness training Toronto program. Our tactical awareness course enables trainees to focus not only on how to identify threat signs and cues that the layperson often misses but also on how to forestall these.

This tactical awareness– or situational awareness training program is accessible only by municipal law enforcement personnel and Condor staff. Condor’s situational awareness course equips participants with a thorough knowledge of the dynamics that influence performance and error mechanisms about anticipating and neutralizing threats. Our situation awareness program helps participants to pick up and master strategies, techniques, and skills essential for distinguishing potential life-threatening hazards and also evaluate and steer clear of them.

Advantages of Tactical Awareness Training

The tactical awareness training process also makes the trainees aware of how to explain significant aspects of the same to their respective employers. This instructional program consists of instructor-guided sessions, brainstorming, analytical discussions, role-plays, and suggestions on how to improve the techniques. Our situational awareness course is open to all security personnel, especially those looking forward to getting engaged in designing, planning, and executing workplace risk evaluation strategy.

This course also works for security professionals looking to ensure their safety (while performing their duty) via situational awareness. At the same time companies and firms that want their in-house security staff to be more aware circumstantially can opt for this program.

Elucidating Condor Security’s tactical awareness course in a nutshell

Condor Security has developed and put into practice an extremely practical situational awareness course compatible with nearly all fitness and lifestyle regimens. At the same time, this training schedule lays stress on developing and honing self-preservation skills (beyond the scope of our program) by emphasizing the import of tactical awareness. It does not bear emphasis that anticipating and preventing assault inside a training center (offering a regulated environment) is easier compared to tackling attacks in real life.

Our situational awareness program instructs you on how to quickly make out situations that have the potential of turning into full-blown crises endangering everybody’s lives. The tactical awareness program we have created and fine-tuned with painstaking care lets you quickly conjecture threat cues and hostile situations as well as defuse such situations and safely pull yourself out from such settings.

Customized Course That Offers In-depth Training

Through this plan, we strive to make the participants realize that their safety and situational awareness are inseparably associated. To take optimum advantage of our situational awareness training method, you’ll first need to boost your perception of situational awareness. To put things in perspective you’ll have to polish up your consciousness about your immediate surroundings constantly to respond proactively to a potentially intimidating situation that imperils your life.

Our situational awareness module encompasses the following features:

  • Description of situational awareness/tactical awareness
  • The significance of situational awareness for security personnel vis-à-vis their safety
  • Factors impacting or impinging on performance
  • Common situational awareness errors
  • Thinking, reasoning, perception, and observational processes
  • Methods, practices, and techniques for studying behaviors as well as preventing, thwarting, and minimizing chances of errors
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Introducing ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) to all participants
  • The modus-operandi of closely monitoring and supervising one’s awareness, consciousness, and alertness
  • Identifying and preempting situations or circumstances that could pose a threat and might be potentially treacherous and perilous
  • What you can and should do when confronting a situation that could take a dangerous turn

Once participants and trainees complete this course they’ll be capable of:

  • Identifying and recognizing the common causes that lead to human pitfalls and errors
  • Taking the necessary steps to minimize and prevent the occurrence of situational awareness errors
  • Comprehending the factors and aspects that affect performance
  • Understanding the significance and implications of keeping the employer in the loop
  • Identifying with and appreciating when to and how to get involved
  • Noticing and perceiving objects and subjects not visible to the untrained eye
  • Quickly identifying safe entry and exit points under stressful conditions
  • Staying constantly alert and vigilant
  • Making the most of situational combating techniques in real-world
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Trusting your instincts
  • Exploiting skills and techniques that tap latent extrasensory instincts for forestalling suspicious actions of individuals in your field of vision
  • Understanding body language