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Condor Security is proud to be the first security company in Canada to be able to instruct the ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) Use of Force training programs to its employees.  ASP is an internationally recognized use of force system which has been adapted for use in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries around the world. The ASP system is recognized and utilized by local Canadian law enforcement agencies, including the Toronto Police Services, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Developed by Dr. Kevin Parsons, Ph.D., the ASP system is a valuable component in Condor’s training programs.  Incorporated with other company training programs such as Level 2Level 3Verbal Judo, and Tactical Awareness, the ASP program serves to provide additional perspective for those who want to learn more about the security and law enforcement fields.

Incorporated in the year 2001 Condor Security Inc. has greatly evolved to become one of the foremost security firms in the Greater Toronto Area. Condor Security is an ISO 9001:2008 ‘certified quality management system’ company offering security services, solutions, and training based on international and local standards and principles. This Toronto-based security company provides failsafe protection to ‘offices and commercial establishments’, ‘homes’, ‘shopping mall & retail stores

Condor Security Offers the ASP Use of Force Training Course in Toronto

Condor Security takes pride in declaring that the security service provider was the foremost amongst all security firms in Canada to provide the ASP training course. Condor has the resources and the infrastructure to instruct all its employees on the ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) use of force training. Conceptualized and innovated by Dr. Kevin Parsons, Ph.D. the ASP method tends to be an integral element of Condor’s training agenda.    

Condor’s ASP use of force training course emphasizes clear-cut and straightforward, recurring, legally acceptable approaches perfected over years of implementation. That the ASP training program has been put into practice by several security agencies in more than 100 countries amply confirms the instructional course’s effectiveness. As a globally acknowledged use of force technique, ASP has been fine-tuned and customized for execution in Canada.

The ASP system has been put into effect by Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Ontario Provincial Police, and Toronto Police Services. Once a trainee completes the ASP training regimen in Toronto he or she’ll receive an ASP-certified diploma of achievement.

The key components of the use of force training program Toronto include:-

  • Physical training basics
  • Theoretical aspects about ‘use of force’
  • Pulling out the baton and bearing the truncheon
  • Rigorous physical training along with several rounds of drills or rehearsals
  • Fundamental techniques related to controlling and safety

Contrary to what many budding learners and apprentices believe, the use of force training schedule is remarkably easy to learn. The entire instructional course has been designed keeping in mind the training requirements and preferences of the participants and tyros. Once you sign up for the ASP training course you’ll discover that the methods are not only simple to comprehend and master but also quite effortless to keep in mind.

As an apprentice, you’ll slowly and gradually find out for yourself that the techniques and strategies work not just in a gym but also on the streets. Armaments Systems and Procedures furnish all-inclusive training to would-be security guards and law enforcement officers on how to (individually and collectively) use batons, tactical flashlights, and restraints. A typical learner takes advantage of crucial auxiliary skills for mastering the use of a wide range of tactical lights, batons, and restraints during the training period.

These supplementary tactics include sheathing /unsheathing and holstering/unholstering a firearm or weapon during a conflict situation without losing control or visual contact. The trainer enacts each skill right from the preliminary through to the advanced stages starting demonstration at a slow pace. Thereafter the instructor acts out the tactics at a fast pace that are by and large physically demanding and forms the mainstay of the use of force training.

The ASP training lays stress on attaining perfection through repeatability particularly under challenging environmental, physical, and mental conditions.

ASP Course Basic Certification

Condor Security’s ASP course is open only to Condor Level 2 Guards and Condor Level 3 Guards, and covers the use of the expandable baton by a law enforcement or security professional. A simple, yet highly effective system based on the basic principles of the human body, the ASP course has gained recognition as an industry standard.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement and will be certified by ASP.  Condor Security also hosts ASP Instructor training programs open to select Condor Staff and law enforcement personnel.

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  • use of force theory
  • fundamentals of physical training
  • drawing and deportment of the baton
  • essential techniques for safety and control
  • numerous practical drills and intense physical training