Condor’s team of security consultants can design and tailor a Building Security Audits based on a client or community’s unique needs. The Security Audit will assess vulnerabilities, then provide clients with detailed recommendations on how to improve—from overlooked aspects of building security, to local area crime patterns, to existing security systems testing, to staff training and policy compliance.

Security audits are an important part of crime prevention. They help keep residents, employees, and customers safe, and improve the overall security of client properties.


Condor Security’s trained and certified security consultants offer comprehensive Security Audit services to help clients improve the physical security of their properties.

A security assessment identifies weak points in building security. Condor’s security consulting team has provided Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs) to a variety of clients across the Greater Toronto Area, enabling Condor’s clients to take action and protect their properties and communities from liability.

Iso Certified Security Company

Condor is ASIS International certified and holds a valid ISO certification, ensuring high-quality professional services and freedom from liability for all clients. Condor is a member in good standing of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), and is active and involved within the Ontario condominium market, and up to date on quality and ethics standards.



Condor’s security consulting professionals can provide a wide variety of services depending on client needs, including Condominium Security Audits, Commercial Security Audits, and physical security assessments.

Services Condor Security offers include:

  • CCTV & Security Camera assessment: A CCTV and security camera audit can identify camera blind spots and problem areas.
  • Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA), to evaluate existing security infrastructure and measures and identify threats and likelihood of risk.
  • Access control audit & vulnerability testing: Condor can test building access to make sure there are no gaps in the physical security of client properties.
  • Interviews and real-time performance testing of on-site staff and personnel to ensure compliance with security best practices.
  • Security systems audits, ensuring that all security systems are comprehensive, up to date, and functioning properly.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment: Minor changes to environmental design can help deter crime before it happens.
  • Crime Analysis Reports: Condor can identify patterns and risks in criminal activity, helping clients take steps to counteract it.

security procedure development services

Condor Security can also provide security procedure development services, to help clients establish protocols and best practices to keep their properties safe. Whatever a client’s needs, Condor can provide a Security Audit tailored to fit.