Custom Security System

Custom Security System Services Condor’s certified professionals can carry out a comprehensive assessment of security system infrastructure and make recommendations for upgrades, improvements, and new installations. Condor helps clients to leverage and maximize the utility of their existing systems and proposes cost-effective and efficient solutions for new installations – and can design and build a new security system from the ground up.

Every property is unique, and a security system should be uniquely customized to suit individual needs. Condor can oversee a security infrastructure upgrade or design and manage a whole new installation. A Custom Security System can also be combined with a Threat and Risk Assessment or Security Audit for additional protection.

Whether a property has been standing for decades or is still in the planning stages, Condor can thoroughly audit its physical security needs – helping clients to make use of existing security systems, upgrade equipment, install new networks, test performance and functionality, and establish best practices.

ISO Certified Security Company

Condor’s security professionals are ASIS International certified for physical security and protection best practices, ensuring clients get quality service at the highest industry standard.


From beginning to end, Condor will manage every aspect of creating a Custom Security System.

  • Assess existing security camera and video/audio surveillance systems
  • Choose the right contractors for client needs
  • Recommend what equipment to use, what to buy, and where to find it
  • Verify price points on new equipment and contractor services, and
  • Ensure compliance with local standards, guidelines, and best practices

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.