As part of Condor’s security services, our security advisors visit our clients’ condominium properties to deliver seminars and presentations on improving condominium security. Security seminars provide residents, Property Managers, and Boards of Directors with increased safety awareness. Condor’s management team, alongside Community Police Liaison officers, can also advise residents on how best to utilize security resources in their home community.

Condor Security is affiliated with both the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). Condor has experience working in condominium environments since 2004, and is ideally equipped to offer flexible, high-quality condo security services for any type of condominium community in the Greater Toronto region.


Security seminars and presentations are an important part of condominium customer service . The professionalism and strong first impression of Condor’s concierge security services help to increase security awareness, deter criminal activity, improve cooperation with condominium regulations, and create a safe and positive atmosphere. Seminars and presentations can be tailored to client needs, providing the best condominium security for each unique property. Condor can assist Property Management and Boards of Directors by answering residents’ questions, taking responsibility for safety concerns, explaining why certain actions were taken in the name of security, and providing courses of action in line with industry best practices to maximize safety and avoid liability.

Community Security Seminars

Commonly requested topics that Condor can address include:

  • How to increase physical security in the condominium: Condor can provide information on access control, lighting, signage, parking enforcement, and other practical security measures.
  • Common vulnerabilities: tailgating, unauthorized suite access, and more.
  • Preventative measures: locker room safety practice, garage access awareness, and other best practices.
  • Fire prevention measures: Condor can initiate presentations from fire inspectors and the captains of local fire services.
Local Community Police Liaison officers can also provide additional security information, covering such topics as security awareness, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practices, crime statistics for the local area, and anti-theft measures for vehicles, bikes, personal property, and locker contents.