Level 3

Level 3 is available to Condor staff who hold valid certifications in Condor Level 2 and Verbal Judo with a minimum of 3 months experience at Condor Security.

Level 3 is both physically and mentally demanding. The course covers the practical application of unarmed defensive tactics, tactical handcuffing, the process of conducting an arrest, and the Ontario Use of Force guidelines and legalities.  In addition, the course builds upon the knowledge gained in the pre-requisite courses through practical drills in a stress induced environment.

This course is competency-based, meaning that certification in Level 3 is only earned if a participant is able to demonstrate the ability to articulate knowledge accurately in testing and perform the skills learned in reality based scenarios.

Level 3 combines emergency procedure training and practical use of force training with physical exercises, customer service drills, and with a strong focus on team building.  To complete the challenge of Level 3, participants will need to generate determination to push their limits, persevere through obstacles, and rely on confidence gained through the support of their teammates.

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Basic Security Training Course


To qualify for participation in Condor’s Level 3 Advanced Security Training Course, candidates must also successfully complete the Level 3 Candidate Evaluation Process including on-site testing of job-related knowledge and skills, a qualifying interview with management, and a standardized physical evaluation conducted by a Certified Personal Trainer.  Those who pass the Candidate Evaluation Process are able to challenge the Level 3 course.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement and will be certified as Condor Level 3 Guards.


  • the four qualities of Level 3
  • performance under high stress
  • material learned in all pre-requisite courses
  • Practical defensive techniques and tactical handcuffing
  • Ontario Use of Force theory and related Canadian laws
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