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Condor Security’s professionals will work with your specific needs and generate effective, reliable, and cost-efficient physical security advice and assessments grounded on industry standards. These services are ideal for condominiums, private homes, commercial plazas, community centres, religious centres, and other facilities.

Consulting services can offer the right advise for specific situations, and, in case of need, Condor Security will also design, build, train, and manage your security infrastructure and operations to meet your objectives.

For individualized solutions, Condor Security’s group of experienced and certified professionals can provide:

  • consulting services
  • physical security audits
  • Standing Orders development
  • Threat and Risk Assessments


Condor Security, a well-known firm based in Toronto providing a range of security services, solutions, and training also offers customized security consulting services. At Condor Security, we offer security consulting solutions to a variety of commercial and domestic establishments such as private homes, condos, manors, religious institutions, and community centers. We interact and coordinate with our clients offering consistent, effective, and cost-effective, objective, and real-time security recommendations based on industry principles and stipulations.


Our consultants and advisors join hands with our clients with regards to furnishing security consulting services tailored around clientele’s needs. To put things in perspective we can plan, create, educate, guide, and supervise security operations and infrastructure if a client so wishes. When it comes to delivering security consulting services in Toronto



Our security consultants have extensive experience in designing and creating a security strategy or plan following clients’ specific needs and preferences. Every security solution we outline comes equipped with a roadmap designed to work in tandem with your firm’s short-term and long-term objectives. At the same time, we make sure that our security consulting solutions go together with your in-house IT setup. Condor’s highly skilled and experienced security advisors can evaluate:-
  • The security solution blueprint essential for comfortably coping with and aligning with your organizational goals
  • The security policies and principles that you’ll need to comply with vis-à-vis your organization’s overall security plan
  • The robustness of your company’s physical security framework (does your security infrastructure have any loopholes that intruders will exploit for penetrating)
  • The proficiency with which you (or your organization for that matter) can identify and detect cybercrime/ cyber attack threats and prevent them
Many firms and businesses consider allocating funds for security an avoidable burden instead of regarding such an outlay a business booster. Contrary to what many commercial establishments think and believe, security can go a long way in boosting revenues if fine-tuned perfectly for a guaranteed return on investments. Our security consulting services can help put together a robust security plan that’ll ensure accelerated ROI relating to your security. Our security consultant will join hands with your organization’s security department for comprehending your business objectives and metrics for organization growth and development. Thereafter the professional will try to make the most of those objectives for formulating a personalized security roadmap for your organization. As a leading consulting services Toronto, Condor Security provides your company with expertise in key security areas like security framework, crime detection and mitigation, and so on. We strongly believe that the security requirements and preferences of every client tend to be unique and exclusive. Therefore we design and develop a security module incorporating the distinct elements including structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural that is custom-built for a specific client. At Condor Security we pay close attention to the following aspects while offering security consulting services to our clients:-
  • Designing and developing forward-looking security solutions with a strong emphasis on innovation
  • Coping with and managing costs and risks in a very practical manner
  • Cooperating with clients’ in-house teams
  • Making optimum use of the available resources
  • Offering pragmatic and realistic advice
  • Overhauling outdated and obsolete security infrastructure and redesigning the framework taking into account the current industry standards
For individualized solutions, Condor Security’s group of experienced and certified professionals can provide:
  • consulting services
  • physical security audits
  • Standing Orders development
  • Threat and Risk Assessments