Condor Security encourages its staff to reach their future career goals. Condor has initiated a number of programs to provide ample opportunities for staff to fulfill their career aspirations while increasing their value to the organization.

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Through the Condor Evolution Program, based on the “Learn to Earn” philosophy, Condor employees are able to participate in a range of training programs and earn certifications in industry recognized training courses. Training records are maintained for future reference. Training portfolios are available for employees upon request.

Condor also recognizes staff performance and quality of service through the Employee Reward program.

Condor presents different opportunities for employees to contribute to non-profit, charitable organizations. Condor acknowledges that volunteer time is a common requirement for positions in various law enforcement agencies, and assisting the local community is a simple way to increase the life quality of others.

Basic Security Training Course


Employee who successefully complete all Condor security mandated course at part of the Condor Evolution, and participate in at least 18 hours of volunteer activity as approved by Condor managament, will recieve:

  1. A refund for money paid on Condor Security mandated courses
  2. A one-time bonus of $ 360.00

The Condor evolution must be complited in an 18 month period starting from the commencement of employment to be eligible for the reward program.