Condominium Services Toronto

Condominium Services Toronto


Condor’s Condominium Concierge services provide residential condo communities a blend of security with class. They are the first people seen when entering a condominium; their image represents the community.

Evaluation Tool

Property Managers and Condominium Board Members have the task of increasing property value while maintaining a high level of service.

Security Contractor Performance Evaluation
Security Audit


Condor Security’s trained and certified security consultants offer comprehensive Security Audit services to help clients improve the physical security of their properties.

Community Security

As part of Condor’s security services, our security advisors visit our clients’ condominium properties to deliver seminars and presentations on improving condominium security.

Community Security Seminars

Are you the manager or supervisor of an upscale condo who has been tasked with contracting a reputed property supervision firm for better supervision of property?  Welcome to Condominium Concierge, a strategic business unit (SBU) of Condor Security that provides premium, top-quality, and unparalleled condo services.

Condominium Concierge provides the following condo services Toronto

Maintenance contracts

Managing a condominium and keeping everything up & running so that you can live comfortably, can be a tall order. So you can well imagine the sheer complexity and difficulty of supervising a condo complex. Only a professional property management company with a high degree of expertise and extensive experience in supervising large residential complexes can take charge of maintaining condos.

Condor Security by providing quality property management services for a long time has achieved ‘economies of scale’. Therefore the agency can offer the best maintenance contract rates without compromising on the contract terms and conditions.

Online documentation

We live in the age of information where you not only need to sift through a lot of data but also sort it quickly. More important than accessing vast amounts of data at high speed is ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Whenever we sign a condo maintenance contract, we ensure that condo owners and management board members have safe access to our website.

Secure and fast access to our site is one of the conditions outlined in our contract document. Once a condo board member or owner logs into our site, he or she can check out everything at a glance, including maintenance schedules.

Financial management

We strongly believe in maintaining transparency in every aspect of our dealings with our clients. So it follows that we keep a comprehensive record of all operating expenses in the form of bills and invoices. All expenditures relating to managing the condo complex are accounted for and mentioned clearly in the invoices.

We email transcripts of bills to all concerned and we create a monthly financial statement on the 5th of each month.

Supervision of employees

Condo board members receive a copy of the maintenance contract which lists the names and job profiles of Condor staff members deputed to manage the property. We conduct background checks of all employees before they’re assigned to report for duty at the client’s site. You can rest assured that Condominium Concierge employees will do their utmost to look after the welfare of the condo residents.

Emergency services

You never know when a disaster or catastrophe will strike and therefore you’d be better off if you’re prepared to deal with an emergency. In case you were wondering, we stand out in furnishing emergency services on a round-the-clock basis. In case anything untoward happens beyond the duty hours or you have an inkling of an impending crisis, all you need to do is contact us through the phone.

Once you inform us over the phone, we’ll immediately dispatch an emergency response team to your premises who’ll do everything to bring the situation under control.

Why should you hire a Condominium Concierge for managing your condo?

  • Enables your condo management board to keep residents updated
  • Help supervise and manage the condo complex without exceeding the budget
  • Aid in project planning and supervision
  • Helps in promoting and establishing long-term merchant relationship
  • Assists the condominium management board in nurturing and entrenching the feeling of belonging to a community