Access Control Systems & Solutions


Access Control solutions help clients to protect their properties and the people and critical assets contained within. More than just technological systems, access control solutions combine state of the art security systems with a human factor: the people who operate the systems and interact with anyone entering the property, such as a Condominium Concierge or security guard.

Whatever a client’s requirements, Condor can design, build, and maintain an Access Control system suited to specific needs.

Access Control systems can consist of a wide variety of elements, such as doors and locks, fobs or key cards, programmable and user operated access control software, barriers and gates, turnstiles, and more.
A system can be entirely automated or manually controlled, to give clients their best possible fit.

Access Control Solutions

What are the benefits?

  • Access Control allows clients to maintain a professional and welcoming environment while also retaining strong security capabilities.
  • It creates deterrence, providing visual and physical barriers to criminal activity.
  • Systems are tailored to each individual property: they can be overtly monitoring, with a strong and visible presence, or they can be more subtle and integrated for a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • They maintain a record of access, preventing and protecting against liability and allowing clients to see who has entered what areas at what time.
  • Access Control gives clients the peace of mind of knowing that only authorized people are on the premises, in the right areas, and able to access sensitive assets.