Condor Security provides employment opportunities to persons who are motivated to work in the private security field in the Greater Toronto Area. The company seeks responsible individuals with initiative and the ability to perform under pressure and stress who are interested in upgrading their professional skills through involvement in security training and other professional development initiatives. Condor Security selects qualified candidates who believe in the same values presented in Condor Security’s Statement of Purpose.

In order to assist applicants in successfully passing through Condor Security’s selection process and securing an offer of employment, the JOB INTERVIEW TIPS below have been provided



  1. For a security position, keep the resume formal.
  2. Proofread your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. Ensure your resume is specific to a position as a Security Guard/Concierge.
  4. List your most recent positions in order so the interviewer sees continuity of employment.
  5. Have a friend or family member with experience in the application process review your resume and offer suggestions.
  6. If you were unemployed for a period of time be prepared to explain to the interviewer the reason for this gap in employment.
  7. It is important to make your resume stand out in the interviewer’s mind, but do so without using unusual fonts, pictures, or lots of colour.
  8. List multiple options to contact you, such as home phone, cell phone, and email address.  If one option fails, there are still other ways to reach you.
  9. List any certifications you have received or any training courses or education you have taken which you believe is relevant to a Security/Concierge position.
  10. Include a cover letter; it helps to show motivation.  Keep it short and keep the content focused on how the company can benefit from you, instead of how you can benefit from the company.


From the company’s perspective, the interview is a formal meeting between a potential employee and a company representative to determine whether the applicant is suitable for a position.

  1. First impressions count: smile and offer a handshake.
  2. Do not chew gum, wear a hat, or drink coffee during the interview.
  3. Ensure that you turn off your cell phone before your interview begins.
  4. Arrive early for the interview. Arriving early for an interview shows motivation and time management skills.
  5. Attend the interview in formal business attire.  Applicants wearing street clothing will not be considered for a position.
  6. While waiting in the lobby, observe your surroundings and take advantage of this time to learn more about the company.
  7. You will be interviewing for a security position; the interviewer will want to see that you understand and can meet the job requirements to work in the security field.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the company before attending the interview.  Read the company website and speak to persons who know about the company and the job requirements.


Applicants who demonstrate initiative are more likely to secure a position. Feel free to send a follow up email thanking the interviewer for taking the time to consider you for a position, and inviting the interviewer to contact you should there be any further questions. You may also feel free to contact the company’s office via phone to follow up on the status of your interview.

If applicants are qualified for available positions Condor Security will be in contact with them within 2 business days to invite the applicants for the next stage in the selection process.