Security Guard Training in Brampton

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, if you can wait and not be tired by waiting, then you’re destined to become a security guard. Irrespective of whether you work as a public or private security guard, your tasks normally include keeping an eye on-premises to prevent untoward incidents. As a security guard, you’ll need to nab individuals who keep hanging around the premises with criminal intent (Mens Rea).

You’ll also need to be extraordinarily proficient in monitoring a variety of security alarm and surveillance systems for keeping your employer’s site out of harm’s way. The different tasks security guards and security officers perform help safeguard the employer’s assets and prevent losses that could adversely affect organizational growth and development. A security guard nowadays is somewhat akin to a knight in shining armor responsible for keeping everybody safe and secure.

The majority of security guard jobs in Brampton are available in the private sector. Security guards generally work in malls, schools, offices, religious and financial institutions, courts, hospitals, defense facilities, condominiums, private residences, government buildings, and so on. Your security guard job serves as a launching pad or a stepping stone enabling you to become a private investigator, law enforcement officer, or corrections officer.

You could also be on your way to becoming a security officer, casino investigator, fraud investigator once you start working as a security guard.


Security guard jobs Brampton: Job titles

Security guard jobs in Brampton Ontario can take different forms including but not limited to:-

  • Security officers
  • Private/personal bodyguard
  • Gaming investigator
  • Gaming surveillance investigator
  • Gaming surveillance officer
  • Gaming surveillance observer
  • Gambling monitor
  • Casino surveillance specialist
  • Casino investigator
  • Flight security officer
  • Bouncer
  • Armored car/vehicle guard
  • Armed guard
  • Patrol officer
  • Sentinel
  • Janitor/concierge

The job profiles for security guard jobs in Brampton with the aforementioned job titles have been elucidated in the next section. Additionally, the various skills job seekers will need to have for applying to security guard jobs at Brampton have been listed in a subsequent paragraph.

Duties you’ll need to perform as a security guard in Brampton?

The duties you’ll have to perform as a security guard will depend by and- large on your specific designation, job profile, and the setting. Your job responsibilities may vary greatly based on whether you’ll be working as a bank security guard, gaming investigator, armored car guard, and so on. In many cases, you’ll have to conduct a regular patrol of your employer’s premises which could be in single or multiple locations.

While in some instances you’ll remain stationed at a single site keeping a close eye on everybody entering or exiting the location.

Security guards regardless of whether they’re working as a bodyguard, patrol officer, or casino surveillance specialist usually perform the following duties:-

  • Do everything essential for protecting the client’s property, assets, and resources
  • Conduct security checks on a routine basis
  • Coordinate with team members for maintaining law and order in the employer’s premises
  • Take optimum advantage of sophisticated surveillance and alarm systems for preventing different types of crimes

Security guard jobs in Brampton

  • Security guard, Canadian Tire
  • Security guard, Distribution Center, GardaWorld
  • Security guard, Allied Universal
  • Security guard, Securitas Canada Ltd.
  • Security guard supervisor, Argus Security Services Corporation
  • Security guard, Maple Lodge Farms
  • The experienced security guard, G4S
  • The security guard, Talentify
  • Fulltime security guards for the mall, Paragon Security
  • Security concierge, Condo Concierge
  • Security guard, Connect Security
  • Private Security guard, Solexiom Elite Security
  • Part-time security guard, Peel Memorial Center, Paladin Security
  • Fulltime team lead, Civic Hospital, Paladin Security
  • Security Guard II, KAR Global
  • Security Officer, Robust Security Services
  • Gatehouse Security (Evenings), Condo Concierge
  • Fulltime security guard, Skanna Systems and Investigations Inc

Condor Security offers security guard training courses and programs

You’ll have to register for a security guard training program before you can apply for a job position. More often than not you can enroll in a training course after you’ve landed a security guard job. It’s better to complete your training first and then start applying for jobs because that way there’s no waiting period.

Completing training allows you to apply with peace of mind as you can focus fully on giving your best during the interview session. The training program could vary based on the job title or position you’re applying to and also on Ontario regulations. If you want to become an armed security guard or a guard in an armored vehicle you’ll have to undergo rigorous training that entails using firearms.

Once you complete training you’ll have to sit for a qualifying exam conducted by the Ontarian state government.  You’ll have to pass the examination securing a score of at least 60% to receive your security license. You can sit for the examination as many times as possible till you secure the cut-off score of 60%.

However, you’ll need to pay the exam fees afresh each time you fill-up the examination form and appear for the test. You’ll have to show your security license as well as produce photocopies of CPR, First Aid, and ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) to qualify for a job.

Condor Security based in Greater Toronto Area offers ongoing training programs for budding security professionals including Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, ASP use of force, and Verbal Judo courses.

What does it take to become a security guard in Brampton Ontario?

  • Ability to preempt potential conflict situations
  • Good observation skills
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Capable of working independently as well as a team member
  • Strong sense of duty
  • Well-honed interpersonal skills including communication, leadership, negotiation, empathy, listening, and teamwork skills
  • Familiarity with public security and safety guidelines and policies
  • Ability to take a quick decision, especially in emergencies and under stressful conditions

Applying to security guard jobs Brampton: Use these resume preparation tips

You’ll have to convince hiring managers that you have the appropriate skills to breeze through the interview and receive employment offers. For instance, you’ll need to have good judgment, communication, negotiation, and other interpersonal skills. At the same time, you should be able to take decisions quickly, especially under stressful circumstances, and anticipate situations that have the potential for turning into disasters.

Make sure you list all your professional and/or interpersonal skills in your resume:-

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strong sense of duty
  • Analytical skills
  • Deduction skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented

If you’re applying for the first time (as a new job seeker) then you can include your experience of working as a civic volunteer, military conscription service, and so on. You can research on the net how to prepare your resume and what to include in the bio-data for creating an impression on hiring managers.


Iso Certified Security Company

Cloud-based technology keeps track of key aspects of Condor’s Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services.   You can see the visit times and specific actions taken.  You’ll always have transparency and assurance that pre-agreed upon work requirements are completed to standard.  Condor Security’s Mobile Patrol Security Services are ready to fulfil your security needs.


From beginning to end, Condor will manage every aspect of creating a Custom Security System.

  • Assess existing security camera and video/audio surveillance systems
  • Choose the right contractors for client needs
  • Recommend what equipment to use, what to buy, and where to find it
  • Verify price points on new equipment and contractor services, and
  • Ensure compliance with local standards, guidelines, and best practices

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.