Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services

Highly trained and ready
for excellent service

Condor Security offers Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services conducted by its highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors. Services are offered to a variety of clients including commercial, business, and residential properties.

Professional mobile security guards, available where and when you need them, 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Mobile guard solutions are flexible.  You can schedule them for specialized tasks.  You can arrange staggered, multiple visits so unwanted elements leave your property alone.  Mobile Patrol Security can protect your home, your office, your retail store, your facility, your site, your event, and more. 

ISO Certified Security Company

Cloud-based technology keeps track of key aspects of Condor’s Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services.   You can see the visit times and specific actions taken.  You’ll always have transparency and assurance that pre-agreed upon work requirements are completed to standard.  Condor Security’s Mobile Patrol Security Services are ready to fulfil your security needs.


Neighborhood Security Patrol Home Protection 

The likelihood of break-ins and theft is reduced with consistent residential home patrols, especially at staggered times with multiple visits in a 24 hour period.  You can also rely on Condor’s Mobile Security Professionals to alter and adjust their patrol visits to your home at varying intervals to strategically deter crime.  You can have greater peace of mind while on vacation as a qualified professional regularly checks on your home.  If there is a crime, you’ll have a team of Condor’s Managers and Supervisors taking immediate action and response with incident control procedures.  Community programs for Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services are also available.  Click here to learn more about Home Protection Programs.

  • service can be tailored to specific needs
  • timely alarm response and investigation
  • routine home protection vehicle and foot patrols
  • vacation services such as newspaper & mail collection
  • residential home patrols to deter burglary and robbery
  • nightly service or occasional service based on your needs
  • high visibility marked security vehicle and mobile patrol supervisors with flashlights increase deterrence
  • staggered randomized neighborhood patrol schedule increases security presence within entire community
  • discreet and confidential, personal privacy is respected – patrols are visible to criminals, but are non-intrusive to residents inside their homes
  • can combine options including drive-by exterior vehicle patrols, and/or full foot patrols of front and back yard with in-detail checks of doors and secured locations

Mobile Guard for Commercial and Retail

Free up your time and energy through professional mobile security services.  Need to open up or lock the office in the middle of the night?  Have a temporary renovation project?  Are you concerned about theft and want some extra assistance?  The fire alarm at your office activated on a holiday, and you want a qualified professional to respond?  Need someone last minute to complete firewatch patrols every hour?  Have regular loitering or trespassing?  Mobile Patrol Security Services are excellent solutions in all the above scenarios.  If you want security at specific times, and not for extended periods, Mobile Security is likely for you.


Security Patrol Cars and Vehicles

Condor Security maintains a fleet of highly visible and professional marked security vehicles for its Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services.  All vehicles are maintained in excellent condition, and are serviced regularly.  Condor’s marked Security Patrol Vehicles meet all government standards and regulations.  Click here to see the local government regulations on Security Vehicles.


Condor’s Mobile Patrol Supervisors 

Condor’s Team of Mobile Patrol Supervisors (Condor MPS) is available 24/7 to serve your needs with reliable and consistent service.  Condor has a rigorous and lengthy selection process for determining which of it’s Security Professionals are promoted and trained to be Condor Mobile Patrol Security Supervisors. To enter the selection phase, a candidate must have been employed by Condor Security as a Security Guards, must have built experience by working at multiple client properties in various capacities, and must consistently demonstrate a strong will for personal and professional development (such as by participating in Condor’s industry-leading security training programs).  The selection process is followed by extensive and in-detail mobile patrol security training.  Condor’s Mobile Patrol Supervisors are also certified and licenced as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers to provide Parking Enforcement Services in the cities of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, and Markham.  All Condor’s MPS are trained to the same standards. The resulting quality of service from each and every one of Condor’s Mobile Patrol Security professionals is high and consistent.

What do Mobile Patrol Security Officers do? 

Condor Mobile Patrol Supervisors can check locks, doors, windowsills, light fixtures, signs of forced entry not just on your obvious front door but also on side doors, sheds, and windows.  They can respond to alarms such as burglar alarms and fire alarms, investigating the scene, and initiating response procedures.  Supervisors can check yards, running full perimeter sweeps, checking from the very beginning of your yard, shining powerful flashlights to increase deterrence and security presence.  Checking both sides of the yard, walking down, not just standing at the beginning and looking with their eyes.  Condor’s mobile security guards get right up close and personal with understanding how they can offset the security vulnerabilities and weak points of your property (such as blindspots, dark areas, places without camera coverage, etc.).  Mobile Security Professionals can also offer suggestions and tips for how you can improve your property security, such as by using CPTED tactics (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and tips on security fundamentals and sudden failures (such as your gate arm switch malfunctioning, or a door being insecure to your basement from the exterior, or an electronic security measure issue).


Full Transparency & Reporting

You’ll always know what time they arrived, what time they left, and what they did.  By using innovative cloud-based technology integrated with smartphone apps, Condor ensures all mobile patrol security guard services are recorded.  These records include reports written directly by the Condor Professional on-site at your property, pictures taken during the visit as appropriate, time & date stamps of visits synchronized with physical scan-points placed on your property so you can always be assured that the professional completed all work requirements.

Condor’s Mobile Security Patrol Solutions

With Condor’s standardized approach to service, regular communication and reporting by Mobile Security Supervisors to Condor’s Managers, a clear information & action trail is audited and overseen by Condor’s Operations Team.  Client feedback is always welcomed, and services can be adapted and tailored to fit your specific needs.  Mobile Patrol Services detect and deter acts of vandalism, theft, trespassing, loitering and vagrancy, and quickly address any criminal activity that may occur on a client’s property.  Proactive measures are taken to minimize threats and risks to a client’s assets.


What are the most common Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services?

Clients commonly utilize mobile patrol security guard services for:

  • Surveillance
  • Routine Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Incident Management
  • Interior Patrols & Inspections 
  • Exterior Perimeter Protection Patrols
  • Crime Scene Response & Access Control
  • Parking Lot Patrols and Parking Enforcement
  • Extra Support on top of current On-Site Security Guard Team
  • Open & Close and Lock & Unlock Services for Office, Retail, Facilities
  • Cloud-based Patrol Verification & Reporting System for Client Records