Home Protection Programs

Home Protection Programs

Condor provides private Home Protection programs and related security services for clients in both residential and commercial markets.

Residential clients place value on the security of their households and neighbourhoods. Home Protection programs are designed to deter and respond to criminal activity, safeguard clients’ homes and properties, and encourage residential neighbourhoods to take collective action on protecting their communities. Condor’s Home Protection programs have been highly successful in protecting neighbourhoods across the Greater Toronto Area, working in collaboration with local police.

Home Protection Programs


Condor’s highly trained Mobile Patrol Security Services form a key element of Home Protection services. Mobile Patrol Supervisors conduct patrols in clients’ neighbourhoods, keeping alert to changes and potential security threats.

  • Members of Home Protection security teams will visit client properties and conduct on-site patrols, including picking up papers, mail, and packages.
  • Home Protection services can include key access—whether in the case of a lockout or to provide access to authorized persons while clients are away.
  • Condor can provide vacation services, keeping an eye on client homes while they are travelling and ensuring a property maintains security presence.
  • Condor can make regular daytime or overnight patrols to provide additional security for children, seniors, or household staff.
  • Patrols can include perimeter and interior protection, depending on client needs.
  • Condor canalso monitor for critical threats to residents or a property, such as fire, smoke, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, temperature changes, flooding, and more.

Condor’s Home Protection programs are flexible services, and can easily be customized to client needs. They can be packaged with an Alarm Service if desired, or simply engaged as an additional level to clients’ existing security. Whether for only for the length of a trip, or as a long term, permanent part of a residence’s security system, Condor can deliver whatever level of protection our clients need.


Home Protection can also be put in place on a neighbourhood-wide basis. Clients are encouraged to get together with their neighbours and decide what level of collective security they need. Condor can patrol residential neighbourhoods, gated communities, an entire street, or just a selection of neighbouring homes. Whatever your needs, Condor is committed to being the best security company for every unique situation.