Level 2 Intermediate Security Training

Condor Security’s Level 2 Intermediate Security Training Course provides motivated security personnel an opportunity to take a significant step forward in terms of their professional skills and knowledge.  Level 2 is an internal course offered only to Condor staff.  The course covers a broad variety of topics, including first emergency response, first aid & CPR, physical security, threat and risk assessments, and various local laws, acts, and regulations affecting the private security industry in Ontario, Canada.

Level 2 Training
Intermediate Security Training
Condor Level 2 Security Training
Level 2 Intermediate Training
Level 2 Security Process

Intermediate Security
Training Course

To qualify for participation, staff members must meet the course pre-requisites.  Staff must have a minimum of 3 months work experience with a record of good performance at Condor Security and must hold valid certification in Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR recognized by Ontario WSIB in order to qualify for participation in Level 2.  Condor’s Level 2 training course raises the bar of professionalism for what can be expected of security guards and concierge staff.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement and will be certified as Condor Level 2 Guards.

Basic Security Training Course


  • fire response
  • physical security concepts
  • threat and risk management and assessment
  • crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • local laws, acts, and regulations affecting the private security field
  • bomb threat response
  • suspicious object response
  • effective and tactical communications
  • medical emergencies and first aid & CPR
  • emergency scene management and first response