Tactical Awareness Training Toronto

Situational Awareness
Tactical Response to Threat Cues

Tactical Awareness is a term for an extremely important, yet often neglected subject in the private security field: the recognition and response to “threat cues” – subtle signs of human aggression.  While this is a commonly addressed topic in policing, most training programs in the private security field do not go into much detail in this subject matter; this is the reason the Tactical Awareness course was created and implemented.

For private security personnel and law enforcement officers, personal safety is the highest priority.  The Tactical Awareness course teaches you both how to recognize threat cues that are often missed by the untrained eye, and tactics available to respond to these threat cues while maintaining personal safety.  This course is available only to Condor Security staff and public law enforcement personnel.

Tactical Awareness Toronto
Situational Awareness Training


  • techniques and habits for increasing awareness and safety
  • recognizing “threat cues”
  • tactical responses to threats, field tested by police officers
  • the art ofeffective interviewing
  • “Flash Drills” testing your tactical awareness
    and communication skills
  • basics of the Canadian legal system
  • the skill of articulation
  • courtroom simulation exercises