Avital Zeisler’s Soteria Method Seminar

February 7, 2015

CONDOR SECURITY to host AVITAL ZEISLER for a series of women’s self-defence seminars on March 6 and March 8, 2015!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER via Condor’s Course Calendar! (women only)


Named after the goddess of safety, The Soteria Method brings women a unique and exclusive method of self-defence, fitness, and empowerment.  This method is designed to guide women towards living life to its fullest, while being armed with the knowledge to defend themselves mentally and physically against a violent threat or attack.


Avital Zeisler is a self-defence expert, women’s empowerment coach, and creator of The Soteria Method, a unique practice incorporating fitness, self-defence, and personal discovery.

Her method has already transformed the lives of women from all walks of life including Hollywood actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Keri Russell to women struggling to overcome trauma from violence and sexual assault.

Originally a professional dancer trained at the National Ballet School of Canada, Avital began her exploration of Hand-to-Hand Combat in her personal healing journey of overcoming a sexual assault by working with security specialists, military personnel, and law enforcement officials from around the world and went on to become a globally-sought consultant, coach, and trainer.  Avital is also a combat conditioning coach, working with private clients and celebrities for self-defence and fitness instruction, as well as providing fight training for specific roles for television shows like The Americans and The Blacklist.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER via Condor’s Course Calendar! (women only)


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