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Emergency response training teaches people in various industries how to respond to emergencies. A disaster response program helps employees and staff know what to do
Do you want to be a police officer to protect people and institutions from dangers? Do you want to keep Ontarians safe by serving the

Condor Security is extremely proud to recognize the quick-thinking heroism and professionalism displayed by our valued employee, Senior Security Guard Prudencio Agdan. On the cold

Do you want to be a Security Guard in the Toronto area and need your Security License? Getting a Security Guard License in the province

What is Condor Security? Condor Security is a private security company that deals with hiring, training, and supporting security guards and condominium concierge personnel. Our

Learning Verbal Judo requires a student to engage in honest self-reflection. Looking at one’s successes and failures in dealing with people brings awareness to what

Best Security Certifications: How to Improve your Professional Career with Security Training APRIL 23, 2014 BY ROB BAYLEY, PSP, TRAINING MANAGER AT CONDOR SECURITY INC., TORONTO,

April 15, 2014 By Condor’s Team All participants demonstrated excellent effort, determination, perseverance, teamwork, and confidence in the recent Level 3 course over the April

December 13, 2013 By Condor’s Team Condor Security is proud to present its newest course on the role of private security personnel in first response