Five Ways to be a Successful Security Officer

As a security officer, your first goal at your job is to keep your post and the people inside of it safe. You may not think that good customer service is one of the attributes that a security guard ought to have. No matter whether your post is at a plant, office building, or in a retail store, as a security guard, you are regularly thought of as “the face of the institution’s brand.” You are usually the first and last person that people coming and going see.

Given your visible role, providing good customer service is essential for your job and the company that you represent. Instead of being the security guard that is remembered for all the wrong reasons, being the one who does all you can to help will create a good reputation for the security company and create a welcoming environment. The following tips will help you improve how your customer service while on duty as well as improve skills required to be a good security officer.

Having Contact With Customers and Employees

If the end of your workday at your post is quickly approaching, it is very likely that you are ready to get your stuff together so you can leave when your shift is over. At this time, a customer arrives. No matter how that makes you feel, do not ignore them. It is a good idea for you to make a habit of talking to everyone that comes and goes from your post. You should always acknowledge their presence, even if it is with only a nod or a smile.

Effective Communication is Essential

As a security officer, you need to be able to effectively communicate no matter whether it is with the people that work at your post or with people that are visiting it. Courtesy and respect is the first principle. Your tone of voice, attempts at making conversation, and a smile can go a long way. If the employees or visitors of your post need to ask you something or you have to question them, take the time to listen open-mindedly to what they have to say. Watch your body language as well-eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice are all part of the effective communication skills that are essential to have as a security officer.

Get to Know People

Learning the names of the customers and employees at your post can be very beneficial. For example, if you work in an office building, learning the names of the people that work there will help you create a professional relationship with them. This will also help you find them in the company’s email and telephone directories when you need to. Of course, it will also make the employees feel that you value them as a person if you call them by their name.

Small Talk is Significant

Along with remembering the names of regular customers and employees, you should do your best to remember what you talk about with them. When the need arises, that information can be helpful to you when you are starting a conversation with them. For example, if an employee tells you they are going to go to a special event, you can ask them how it went the next time you see them. It makes people feel good that you remember things they told you about.

Be Able to Assist

When a problem arises at your job site, you need to do your best to be the solution. Help your customers when you are able to. An example of this is if you are a security officer at a store and you see someone with their hands full, offer to get them a buggy. If a visitor in an office building is lost, tell them how to get to where they need to be. If part of your job is to identify a person’s identity and looking through the items that they bring to your job post, do so in a pleasant and timely manner. If you are working at a store overnight and the employees are headed to their homes, you can offer to escort them to their car to ensure that they get there safely. If part of your job is to answer the phone and taking incoming calls, be sure to do so in a polite and professional tone.

As a security officer, your job first consists of protecting people, property, and information. You will have to find a balance between doing that and providing good customer service. Your tasks as a security officer must be your first priority, while finding ways to weave in good customer service. Implementing these simple tips will make you the best security officer that you could ever strive to be.

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