6 Benefits of Getting a Security Audit

What is a Security Audit?

A security audit is a process used by trained security professionals to assess and analyze your property to locate weak points in your security, and then offer a plan of action to help improve your safety and security. Security audits are ideal for commercial buildings and complexes, office towers, condominiums, schools, and other commercial or residential spaces in need of increased security. Not only will this help improve the safety of your property for your residents or employees, but it will help prevent theft and damage to your property.

Here are five reasons why your property needs a professional security audit:

1) Security Assessment

Before installing an effective security system, it is important that you understand your property. At Condor Security, our security audits analyze your property to identify weak points in your security systems and design. We then provide a report to make sure you are aware of vulnerable areas that are susceptible to vandalism, theft, and other crimes. Our team of trained security professionals assess your property and identify where additional security measures are necessary. Depending on the needs of your property, we may recommend video camera surveillance, alarm systems, outdoor lighting, procedure changes, and adjustments to security guard services.

2) Risk Assessment & Cost/Benefit Plan

Beyond our security assessment services, we also offer risk assessment services. This involves a security professional identifying your assets and prioritizing your security investment to ensure your most valuable assets are protected. This process begins with asset identification and then examines the major threats to these assets. From there, we will work with you to create a cost/benefit analysis guide to determine how much security technology you require and create a custom security plan that fits your budget and ensures your assets are protected. In this way, we can create a security system tailored to your unique needs, so you can get the most protection for your investment.

3) Upgrade Your Security System

Once you have determined the high-risk areas of your property, as well as the weaknesses in your current security system, you can begin to upgrade your system. At Condor Security, we offer a wide range of security services tailored to the unique needs of your building or property. We offer live security video monitoring with custom cameras in specific areas of your property, helping to capture any unwanted incidents on camera. Videos can be recorded and viewed later, helping to ensure criminal activities result in arrests with proper evidence. Beyond video monitoring, we also offer alarm systems and coded access control systems which limit access to the building, ensuring only approved individuals have access to your property. We also will work with you to ensure that you understand how to maintain your security system to ensure it is always functioning properly, preventing issues like false alarm calls to the police. For more information about our alarm systems and security gear, explore our website here.

4) Crime Prevention

One of the added benefits of video cameras, alarms, and other security measures is that their mere presence helps to deter criminals from targeting your property. Cameras can be installed in a hidden manner, but cameras can also be installed so that they are very visible, out in the open, and in well-lit areas to prevent vandals, thieves, and other criminals from targeting your property. Although no home security system can guarantee the safety of your property, we do everything in our power to ensure your assets and residents are protected and that any criminal acts are caught on camera so there is sufficient evidence, should an unfortunate event occur.

5) Mobile Patrols and Security Guards

For high-risk areas and properties that have a history of being vandalized or robbed, we also offer the services of professional security guards and highly-trained mobile patrol units. All of our security guards are trained in crime deterrence, including an emphasis on effective communications (Verbal Judo), which involves tactical communication to mitigate risk. At Condor, our guards are trained to deter criminals from entering the premises thanks to a strong security presence. Should unwanted individuals still enter the premises, our guards are trained to detect unwanted acts and respond accordingly. Beyond residential and commercial properties, we also offer security guards and mobile units for large industrial properties, schools, and large retail centres.

Getting a comprehensive security audit will help you determine the security needs of your property. Not only can we help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security system, but we can also find high-risk areas that need to be addressed. From there, our trained security professionals will work with you to create a custom security system including video monitoring, alarm systems, coded entry, and any other security measure that is necessary to keep your residents and assets safe. Finally, we also offer the services of trained mobile units and security guards. Our guards have extensive first-aid, CPR, and fire safety training, while also being experts in verbal judo and other deterrence techniques.

For more information about our security services or to get a quote for a security audit of your property, call one of our trained security professionals at our 24-hour hotline at 416-410-4035 or explore our website.


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