Security Guard Training in Toronto

Are you aspiring to make your mark in the private security industry in Ontario and accordingly looking for a security guard job in Toronto? Many career-oriented young men and women nurse the impression that a full-time security guard job is not as rewarding or lucrative as other comparable vocations. However, taking into account how the global security industry is expanding every day harboring such a belief is misplaced.

Currently, the security industry in Canada and particularly in Ontario is witnessing tremendous growth substantiated by consistently increasing revenues year-on-year. A thriving security industry also implies that applicants and aspirants can explore and exploit employment opportunities, especially in the private sector. Candidates who have completed a security training program and hold a security license can apply for different security guard jobs.


Candidates looking for jobs in security guard just need to visit and navigate through the various job portals like and Once you log in at a job portal, job website, or job board and search for openings with the keyword security guard jobs in Toronto, you’ll come across innumerable security guard positions. For instance, if you browse you’ll find companies looking for private security guardsnight security guards, afternoon security guards, part-time security guards, security guard supervisors, concierge security guards, etc.

Condor security offers free security guard training? Is there a catch?

If you visit and connect to the page you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this security service provider is offering security guard training for free. But as you read on you discover that free training comes with a rider. Condor will train you for free (so that you can secure a security guard job) only if you’re eligible for a concierge or security guard job at Condor.

Yes, that is the only catch in case you wish to train yourself free of charge to qualify for security armed guard jobs in Toronto. To put things in perspective, your professional and interpersonal skills, and work experience should perfectly match with the job profile. Additionally, you’ll need to have a security guard license valid in Ontario to register for free training.

However, you’ll have to undergo CPR and First Aid training at your own cost from a certified organization like St. Johns Ambulance or Red Cross. At the same time, you’ll need to clear licensing test conducted by the Ontario Government and send a correctly completed security license application form.

Should you apply for a job first and then get your license or vice versa?

The procedure of seeking a license, on the whole, can frustrate you as you’ll have to wait for nearly a month before you receive the certification. As if that’s not enough (the 4-week wait) you’ll need to wait for a few more weeks (sometimes it can take months) before you get a good job offer. You’ll be better off bagging a job offer first as the knowledge that you’ve got a security guard job in hand alleviates your stress.

Coping with the emotional stress of waiting to receive your security license can be remarkably challenging, especially if you’re looking for employment. Employees of Condor offer the much-needed support to recruits for clearing the security test organized by the Ontarian government and also with applying for a license.

Condor security offers a dynamic work environment

As a well-known Toronto-based firm with extensive experience and expertise in offering security services, Condor relies heavily on its team of skilled security professionals.  Condor instituted in 2001, has over the years, developed and perfected industry-leading training courses that enable trainees to land security guard jobs in Toronto. On the other hand, this popular security service provider has created proprietary and hands-on conflict management and customer service systems.

Condor offers a thriving and dynamic work environment as well as a highly developed and well-entrenched organizational culture. If you’re determined to carve out a career in the security industry, you’ll find plenty of career development and advancement opportunities at Condor.

Candidate recruitment or selection process

Right from the day, Condor started functioning it has focused on providing the best quality of service that clients deserve. The security service provider follows an elongated and rigorous selection process to offer ample employment opportunities to competent candidates confident of performing professionally. Condor goes through the following steps for selecting candidates on a provisional basis:-

  1. Reviewing of resumes and applications
  2. Eligible candidates receive an email notification for the 1st round of interview and to write an application
  3. Those who clear the 1st round have to appear for the 2nd interview session where they demonstrate the practical skills they’ve acquired
  4. Candidates who sail through the 2nd round qualify to participate in the Level 1 Prequalifying Basic Security Training Course
  5. Those who complete the prequalifying test receive a conditional employment offer and become eligible for orientation
  6. Condor staff check the background of all those selected on a probationary basis and also verify relevant documents and security license
  7. Security guard job applicants have to complete an on-site training program
  8. Condor appoints staff on a probationary or provisional basis for 3 months and personnel can exploit multiple career development opportunities depending upon the performance

Guidelines for resume writing

Condor Security serves as the perfect launchpad for candidates looking for security guard jobs particularly in the private security arena in Greater Toronto Area. The firm prefers to hire and assist individuals who’re motivated to perform, especially under stressful conditions, and willing to upgrade their professional skills by participating in security training. Condor provides the following the resume writing tips to make it easier for applicants to clear the selection procedure and eventually secure an offer of employment:-

  1. Ensure the resume is simple and straightforward with a formal tone
  2. Check for grammatical and spelling errors
  3. Make sure the resume corresponds with the specific security guard job you’re applying to
  4. Mention your previous job positions in chronological order to give the impression that you’ve been working consistently
  5. In case you’ve been out of work for a considerable period, you should be able to clarify the reason behind the unemployment
  6. Highlight sections of your resume that you think will impress the interviewer but don’t overdo it
  7. Make sure you list as many options as you can to enable the interviewer to get back to you. So list your landline number, cell phone number, email id, and so on
  8. Including a cover letter could go a long way in enabling your resume to stand out from the multitude of resumes
  9. Include photocopies of certifications you’ve received for completing any professional training program

Tips for sailing through the job interview session

  1. Learn as much as you can about the company where you’ll appear for the interview. The interviewer will appreciate the fact that you know a lot about the organization where you’re intending to work
  2. Always attend the interview in formal attire
  3. Remember to greet the interviewer with a smile (however, the interviewer might withdraw from handshaking because of COVID-19)
  4. Switch off your cell phone as you enter the interview room
  5. Listen carefully to the questions posed by your interviewer before you start answering. In case you don’t understand a particular question politely ask the interviewer to repeat the same
  6. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview session and sit in a comfortable manner
  7. Do not forget to thank your interviewer at the end of the session and say that you expect to hear from him or her soon
Iso Certified Security Company

Cloud-based technology keeps track of key aspects of Condor’s Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services.   You can see the visit times and specific actions taken.  You’ll always have transparency and assurance that pre-agreed upon work requirements are completed to standard.  Condor Security’s Mobile Patrol Security Services are ready to fulfil your security needs.


From beginning to end, Condor will manage every aspect of creating a Custom Security System.

  • Assess existing security camera and video/audio surveillance systems
  • Choose the right contractors for client needs
  • Recommend what equipment to use, what to buy, and where to find it
  • Verify price points on new equipment and contractor services, and
  • Ensure compliance with local standards, guidelines, and best practices

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.