Free Security Guard Training in Toronto

Do you want to be a Security Guard in the Toronto area and need your Security License? Getting a Security Guard License in the province of Ontario requires an applicant to complete a few steps, explained in this guide, How to Become a Security Guard.

Free Security Training

Condor Security provides free security guard license training.  Condor can help you attain your security guard license training at no cost, provided that you qualify for an available position with Condor Security and receive a conditional offer of employment.  To apply for a Security guard or Concierge position at Condor, click on this link to visit the Career Section.

Applicants do need to complete the CPR and first aid training requirement at their own expense.  It’s recommended to complete this training from a reputable first aid training organization such as Toronto Paramedic Services, Red Cross, or St. Johns Ambulance.  Applicants would also need to pass the security license exam administered by the Ontario government and as well, apply for and successfully pass the security license application process required by the government.  The 40 hour mandated security training requirement is provided at completely at no cost by Condor Security.

Free Training?  What’s the catch?

The only catch to receiving free security guard training from Condor is that there must be a strong match between an open position and an applicant’s skills, experience, abilities and other requirements to be offered employment.  If there is no match, then the company will not offer the applicant a position, and as such that applicant will not receive the free security guard training benefit.  It is important to note that Condor does require all of its Security Guard Personnel to have a valid Ontario Security Guard Licence prior to assigning them to work.  Working as a Security Guard without a license is not permitted, and Condor is fully in compliance with all local laws, acts, and regulations. 

Does Condor’s Free Security Training meet all government requirements?

Yes, Condor’s security training is done through a combination of instructor-led and in-class training together with online self-directed training.  Condor’s instructors even guide and help new hires through the steps required to attain the security license and provide support every step of the way.

What should I do first? Apply for security jobs, or get my Security License?

It can be a long and frustrating experience to go through the entire process of obtaining a security guard license (which can take 4 weeks or more), only to then go job seeking, which might take a few weeks or months. The emotional stress you will need to endure can be reduced and even eliminated by securing a job first. Especially if this position is at a company with which you share values.

If you need a job quickly, this 4 week average process can be difficult to manage.  However, if you apply for a security job first, and get the position (conditional upon attaining a security license) then you feel much more relaxed, stress-free, confident, and motivated. 

Condor’s staff will be pleased to assist new hires by providing extra support with passing the government-issued security exam, or by helping with the licence application process or guarantor form. 

Can I apply for a position at Condor without a security license?

Yes! Condor is always looking for motivated, enthusiastic to learn new skills, with goals that align with the security guard or condominium concierge fields.

What kind of culture and work environment does Condor Security offer?

Condor is a leading and innovative security provider in the greater Toronto area which believes strongly in the value of its team. Established in 2001, Condor has developed industry-leading training programs and built trademarked and field-tested systems in customer service and conflict management.  Condor is a security company well-established as an excellent place to advance and develop both professionally and personally.  Condor is continually improving, and individuals with shared values will have many opportunities to thrive and advance.


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