Women in Security

Professional Development for Females in the Private Security and Law Enforcement Fields

August 15, 2015 By Makeda J., Condor Level 3

On June 10th, 2015 I attened the ASIS Toronto “Women In Security” event.  It was a new and inspiring experience, and it was my very first time being in the same room with other women who are involved in numerous aspects and at a high level within the security industry.

Networking with these women who have excelled within the industry at positions that are more challenging than my own has motivated me to keep pushing myself to grow.  Not only within my position at Condor Security but personally as a professional individual.

My reason for joining the security ‎industry started with just wanting a job to provide for myself.  With time I enjoyed working in security as it gave me ample opportunities to help other people.  This is something I genuinely love doing.  Even though I enjoy working as a security guard, addressing situations where someone was angry at me or the establishment I represented was not my first choice of duties.  I would purposely avoid these kind of situations at any cost and I started believing this was one of the reasons society assumed men would be a better choice for security work.  My opinion about the security industry at that time motivated me to push myself outside my comfort zone so I could prove the majority wrong.  At this point I decided that pursuing a career in Law Enforcement would be my goal as it allowed me to do the things I love at a higher and professional level.


I’ve been in the security field for just over 3 years and I’ve found myself in many situations where others have suggested that I’m better off getting into a different profession just because I’m a female.  Till this day I still believe that society’s opinion of women within the security industry has discouraged many of us from working towards our goals and I intend to change this through being an example for others.

After attending the event I have a new perspective on what I can contribute to the security industry for other women.  My intentions are to do as much as I can within the industry for other women to grow as professional individuals.  There will come a time where women wishing to pursue a career within the industry will not let the limits of society’s opinion control what they accomplish in life and I also believe the ASIS Toronto “Women In Security” event is a step towards that change.

Now fast forward to my current position: I’m a senior employee for Condor Security.  Thanks to the training I’ve continuously received from Condor, I now have the right mindset and ability to address pretty much any situation that may occur while on duty.  Some aspects of the training have positively affected my personal life as well.  For example, the Verbal Judo course has given me more confidence when addressing uncomfortable situations whether I’m at work or communicating with family members or friends.

The experiences and growth I’ve gained over the years is something I feel all women within the industry should have.  The ability to start from nothing or something small and then build something of great value to yourself and the industry is the very essence of professionalism.


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