The 3 Essentials of Condominium Security

In society today, one thing people need take seriously is their personal safety. One place that is often overlooked is their condominium. There is a false sense of security when you come home and close the front door to the world, but this is one place where you need to make sure there are proper security measure. If a condominium has proper security in place then residents can feel safe when they are at home, relaxing and unwinding with peace of mind. There are many security companies out there, but Condor Security can implement security measures that are specifically geared toward condominium living. Below are three specific areas of condominium security essentials that can be provided by Condor Security:

  • Condominium Concierge ServicesCondor Security can provide concierge services that not only improve security but also provide a professional appearance with a personal touch. They are able to help residents with a variety of services that include verification and access control for visitors, monitoring security cameras, foot patrol of buildings and parking lots, amenity reservations, and emergency response.
  • Security AuditsCondor Security can access a buildings security risks and design and implement measures to improve the physical security of the condominium and its residents. Security audits are an effective tool in preventing crime and are specifically tailored to individual residences to ensure their specific needs are being met.
  • Contractor Performance EvaluationCondor Security can provide property managers and board members with the information needed to hire the best contractors to maintain the condominium. This ensures that the condominium is safe and free from potential liabilities and is supported by the Tender Law which allows for investigation of contractor bids.

In addition to the condominium security provided above, Condor Security can also provide security seminars and presentations to residents. These seminars will help increase security awareness for both tenants and property managers. Condor Security will also partner with local law enforcement and help educate residents on how to ensure their personal safety both at home and in their community.

Condor Security has been working with condominiums since 2004 and has both the knowledge and practical experience needed to help ensure that residents have the best security possible. Condor is also affiliated with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario and the Canadian Condominium Institute, and has gained the trust and loyalty of the communities they serve.

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