A Message From Our CEO

In these difficult and challenging times, I want to call on you, as a community to come together so we can win this fight against COVID-19.

The virus does not differentiate between race, gender, nor religion, and that following the prevention guidelines is our ONLY possibility to STOP THE SPREAD. Therefore, I am CALLING ON YOU to be self-disciplined both in your workplace and home putting all preventative measures in place. Some of those measures include washing hands regularly, practicing social distancing, avoid crowds, cancel any social events, and utilize health supplies and protective equipment. Encourage those around you and in your social circles, family, and friends to follow the same.

These are unprecedented times. It is our responsibility to maintain self-discipline, follow instructions from the authorities, and to take care of ourselves, our community, and those that are most vulnerable.

We have done an EXCEPTIONAL JOB over the last months together thus far combating this, via regular communication, delivery and disseminating of valuable health supplies, and maintaining a sanitary and hygienic work environment.


To your Health & Safety.

Warmest regards,

Benjamin H. Tabesh

CEO, Condor Security Inc.

Message From Condor Security Ceo
A Message From Our Ceo 2



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