Blood Drive: Helping Save Lives 2014 Results

June 27, 2014 B y Condor’s Team

One of Condor’s 2014 Social Commitment Programs, the Helping Save Lives 2014 Blood Drive event, occurred on Tuesday May 6th, 2014.  Blood donation is an important cause, and every 1 unit of blood donated can save up to 3 people!

Turnout was strong, with attendance from Condor Staff, Condor’s clients, and representatives of Condor’s Social Commitment Partners.  Also in noteworthy attendance was Toronto City Councillor Karen Stintz and PC Candidate Avi Yufest.

Brief Statistics of the Drive:

  • 51 attendees
  • 26 units of blood accepted for donation (22 units were accepted last year)

Condor Security is confident that next year’s blood drive will bring an even larger group of donors, and Condor will continue to surpass previous records of donations in support of our local communities.

On behalf of Condor Security, thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Condor hopes to see all who attended at the next blood drive in 2015!

Thank you for helping  save lives!

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