Terry Fox Run 2018: Come Join the Run and the Fun!

Terry Fox Run 2018: Come Join The Run

Dear all Condor Staff !!!

The annual Terry Fox Run is taking place next Sunday September 16th.

TEAM CONDORwill be running and participating in this important cause!

Terry Fox Run Banner

If you want to help support the fight against cancer, you can do any of the following:

    Come out and run with Team Condor! If you’re up for taking part in the 10km run with a team that will start together, stay together, and finish together, come out and run with us!

Email and contact Condor’s office if you would like to register and run with the Condor Team!!

Terry Fox Run: Two Men

    All donations go directly to the Terry Fox Run, and are considered charitable donations which come with an official Tax Receipt. Visit Team Condor’s page at: http://www.terryfox.ca/teamcondor


    Lead your own campaign and utilize your social media, email contacts, and personal relationships. Choose a run site (from all over Ontario) that works best with you. Register and create your own page at: http://www.terryfox.org/run/


    There are many other ways to support the cause, from spreading awareness to volunteering and other creative avenues. You can check out this page for ideas: http://www.terryfox.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/

Terry Fox Run: People Together

Condor’s FIRST Terry Fox run was in 2016:


Our 2018 Team Goal is to donate $3600 to the Terry Fox charitable organization.

We encourage Condor Staff to take part only to the extent they feel comfortable.

And for anyone who may not be able to run, feel free to still join in on the FUN!
Meet Team Condor at the finish line!!

Condor is proud to take part in the 2018 Terry Fox Run!

Hope to see you at the FINISH!

Terry Fox Run: Finishing Point

Condor Security Terry Fox Run 2016 Run and Fun
April 13, 2017 By Condor’s Team

Condor’s 2nd Annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research:  Sept 17, 2017

Join Condor’s professional security staff in a fundraising run and help fight cancer!

On Sunday, September 17, Condor Security’s staff and their family and friends who wish to join will be participating in the annual Terry Fox Run. Many organizations and groups participate every year, and often many will dedicate their efforts to a colleague who has battled cancer. This serves as both a reminder of the devastating effect of this disease, as well as an urgent call to action

Why do the Terry Fox Run? 

Terry Fox is a well known Canadian icon of hope.  He was diagnosed with severe bone cancer at the age of 18 and had his right leg amputated in hopes of stopping the disease from spreading.  Unfortunately, it did not, and the cancer spread to his lungs.  He passed away of in June of 1981 at the young age of 22.

While afflicted with cancer, he decided to dedicate his life to increasing awareness of cancer and to finding a cure.  To promote awareness to massive levels, he came up with the idea that he would personally attempt to run across the entire country of Canada despite having an amputated leg and being afflicted with Cancer.  He named his idea the Marathon of Hope.

Terry’s intense perseverance and determination lead him to run approximately 42 kilometres per day for 143 days.  His run raised cancer awareness to a whole new level, and donations to his Marathon of Hope in 1981 reached $24, 170, 000.00 (over 24 million dollars)!

Terry’s dream to help others is still alive and well!  The yearly Terry Fox Run is a simple and fun way to be personally involved in the battle against cancer

What is the Terry Fox Foundation?

  • The Terry Fox Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable public foundation in Canada.
  • It raises approximately $20 million yearly in cancer research.
  • Over $670 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research through the Terry Fox Foundation.
  • 84% of every dollar raised goes directly to cancer research. It’s one the largest non-governmental funders of cancer research in Canada,
  • Currently their focus in 3 directions, discovery research (finding a cure), translational research (taking research findings in the lab to the application on real people), and training future cancer research leaders.
  • At current, over 1,291 cancer research projects have been funded The Terry Fox Foundatio
  • Why is Condor Security participating in the Terry Fox Run?

    One of Condor Security’s core values is Social Commitment.  Condor has and will continue to support a number of charitable organizations involved in cancer research, such as the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

    For Condor’s Staff, time spent participating in the Terry Fox Run counts towards the 18 hours of volunteer service in the Condor Evolution Program.

    Condor initiated its first official Terry Fox Run in September 2016, in honour of an employee who survived a personal battle with stage 4 cancer.



     [email protected]

April 13, 2017 By Condor’s Teanm

Condor Security’s 2nd Ride to Conquer Cancer

Condor Security’s CEO, Benjamin Tabesh, will be joining the 200 kilometer 2017 Ride to Conquer Cancer event!

The ride raises funds which contribute directly to research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, widely considered one of the most prominent and top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

This year is the ride’s 10th anniversary, and aims to be the biggest and best event thus fa

CEO Benjamin Tabesh ride to conquer cancerr

How can I support the ride?

You can be part of the ride by registering at http://www.conquercancer.ca/

You can also take part by sponsoring a rider.  To sponsor Ben Tabesh’s fundraising campaign, click this link to visit Ben’s Ride to Conquer Cancer campaign page.

What is the Ride to Conquer Cancer?

Riders bicycle on a 200 kilometer path over a two day period which runs through Ontario’s scenic countryside.  Every rider raises funds which go towards Princess Margaret Cancer Center.  The ride itself promotes cancer awareness and the conviction to finding a cure.

Why should I contribute?

Finding a cure for cancer is a common goal.  The Ride to Conquer Cancer directly supports one of the best research centres on the globe.  It’s easy to get involved!

Condor Security looks forward to another successful fundraising campaign and hopes you will help support the fight to conquer cancer!

Sponsor Ben Tabesh’s campaign here!

Condor Security - terry fox run 2016

The Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research

Sept 18, 2016 By Condor’s Team

Condor’s professional security staff are invited to join together to battle cancer!

A team comprised of Condor staff and any of their family and friends who wish to join will be participating in the upcoming annual Terry Fox Run on Sept. 18, 2016. Many organizations and groups participate every year, and often many will dedicate their efforts to a colleague who has battled cancer. This serves as both a reminder of the devastating effect of this disease, as well as an urgent call to action.

Who is Terry Fox?

Terry Fox was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) in his right leg in 1977 and had his leg amputated 15 cm (six inches) above the knee. While in the hospital, Terry was so overcome by the suffering of other cancer patients that he decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He called his journey the Marathon of Hope.

Terry’s Marathon of Hope took place in 1980 with the simple objective of informing Canadians of the importance of finding a cure for cancer. With fierce determination, he ran an average of 42 kilometres (26 miles) every day for 143 days. Terry was forced to end his run on September 1, 1980 when the cancer spread to his lungs. By February 1, 1981, Terry’s dream of raising $1 for every Canadian was realized – the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope fund totaled $24.17 million. Terry died in June 1981.

Why should I run?

The Terry Fox Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable public foundation responsible for supporting close to $20 million per year in discovery-based cancer research in Canada.

To date, over $650 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry’s name. Of every dollar raised, 84 cents goes directly to cancer research. The Terry Fox Foundation is one of the largest non-governmental funders of cancer research in the country, funding many different types of cancers; current multi-year studies include lung, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, oral, liver, oncolytic viruses and many more. 1,152 cancer research projects have been funded to date by The Foundation.

What is the Terry Fox Run?

The Terry Fox Run is an annual program which provides a great opportunity for people of all ages & backgrounds to participate in large marathon events while campaigning for voluntary charitable sponsorships and raising funds for a common cause: to promote awareness of cancer, its effects and its treatments, and to assist in raising funds for cancer research via the Terry Fox Foundation.

Why did Condor choose to Support the Terry Fox Run?

Terry Fox, at only 18 years old, had the determination of a lion and did something many would consider impossible.  His challenging run required strong dedication and perseverance, and still inspires millions to this day.  Terry’s dream to help others supports Canadian values, and those that follow in his footsteps every year by joining the Terry Fox Run push forward in the fight against cancer.

Condor Security believes strongly in the value of Social Commitment and has contributed to a number of charitable organizations in supporting cancer research, such as the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  For Condor’s Staff, time spent participating in the Terry Fox Run counts towards the 18 hours of volunteer service in the Condor Evolution Program. 

Condor Security Logo
April 7, 2016 By Condor’s Team

Condor CEO Benjamin Tabesh in Ride to Conquer Cancer

Condor Security’s CEO, Benjamin Tabesh, is participating in the 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer event benefitting cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre on June 11th and 12th.  Condor Security believes strongly in the value of social commitment and has supported a number of causes supporting cancer research.

What is the Ride to Conquer Cancer?

The Ride to Conquer Cancer is a charitable fundraising event in which particpants bicycle on a two-day, 200 kilometer journey throughout Ontario’s beautiful countryside to promote awareness of cancer and campaign for donations towards cancer research.

Funds raised for the Ride to Conquer Cancer support leading cancer research and care at Princess Margaret Hospital, which is considered one of the best cancer research centres in the world

Condor CEO Benjamin Tabesh in Ride to Conquer Cancer

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as long as they have a bicycle, helmet, and enthusiasm for the common goal of having a better understanding of cancer and improving available treatments. Multiple bike route options are available, so whether you’re an athlete or a “weekend warrior” you will have an enjoyable experience while doing something with a good cause.

How can I help?

You can help either by participating in the event or by donating and sponsoring a rider.  To sponsor Benjamin Tabesh’s ride, click this link to visit his Ride to Conquer Cancer campaign page.


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June 27, 2014 B y Condor’s Team

One of Condor’s 2014 Social Commitment Programs, the Helping Save Lives 2014 Blood Drive event, occurred on Tuesday May 6th, 2014.  Blood donation is an important cause, and every 1 unit of blood donated can save up to 3 people!

Turnout was strong, with attendance from Condor Staff, Condor’s clients, and representatives of Condor’s Social Commitment Partners.  Also in noteworthy attendance was Toronto City Councillor Karen Stintz and PC Candidate Avi Yufest.

Brief Statistics of the Drive:

  • 51 attendees
  • 26 units of blood accepted for donation (22 units were accepted last year)

Condor Security is confident that next year’s blood drive will bring an even larger group of donors, and Condor will continue to surpass previous records of donations in support of our local communities.

On behalf of Condor Security, thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Condor hopes to see all who attended at the next blood drive in 2015!

Thank you for helping  save lives!

December 16, 2013 By Condor’s Team

In continuation with its value of Social Commitment, Condor Security once again partnered with Show Kids You Care in 2011 with a focus on assisting the local communities in addressing realistic concerns faced by the community members. In 2010 the “Stuff that Car, Stuff those Tummies” Campaign raised 36 bags of food and $1044 in donations towards SKYC. The goal with 2011’s “Help us Feed the Future” campaign was to double last year’s donations.

With much gratitude to Condor’s employees, clients, and Social Commitment Partners, 217 bags of non-perishable food items were donated and $1760 raised for SKYC, beating the projected target. The donations were distributed to various after-school community food programs including Flemington Public School, Urban Promise Toronto, and San Romanoway Revitalization Association.

The donations will directly influence hungry children with nourishment for their minds and bodies and will provide the future of tomorrow with the bare essentials for the opportunity to succeed. We would like to thank everyone for their donations and hard work in spreading the message and in making the “Help us Feed the Future” campaign a success.

Condor Security Inc. received a letter of appreciation from the Vice Principal of Flemingdon Public School thanking Condor for its volunteer donations.

“I just want you to know that several families were the recipients of the groceries and it brought tears to the eyes of the mothers. Two of them had nothing but a bit of bread and milk, with multiple children in the family. Our social worker delivered the food as well as a teacher.

One mother knew of a single mom who just lost her job and was very down. She had nearly bare cupboards and no money. So when one of our moms received the food you donated, she called her up and gave her half of the delivery she received. She said it brought her joy to share with someone else. She happily gave out of her poverty and this really empowered her as well as a friend and parent. So you can see the huge difference this donation of food makes for both the body and the soul.

It is important for those at Condor Security to know the tremendous impact these contributions make. Thank you as well to Show Kids You Care for being the conduit that sparks the connection form Condor to Flemington.”