Condor Evolution – Jake Q

July 24, 2014 By Jake Q.


How does it feel to complete the Condor Evolution Program?

Completing the Condor Evolution program feels revolutionary in that I feel very capable and able to take on and have the confidence to conquer all that comes my way. I don’t have nervousness as I do boldness and determination to tackle the problems in front of me

Ilyas Jake C

S/G Jake extinguishing a live fire during a drill in the FireSafe training course

In your opinion, what was the best security training course at Condor and why?

My favorite course was the Tactical Awareness Course for several reasons.  First, it had many various fun learning methods like scenarios, videos, slides, and demonstrations.  All these methods made it fun

Why do you believe social commitment is important?

Social Commitment is very important as we need to help those in need, just as we may need help if the time ever comes where we are in need.  Social commitment helps in more ways than one.  It rejuvenates your feeling towards mankind and makes you see how fragile and helpless we can become, even though we would never admit to it.

What challenges did you face on the road to completion of the program?

The challenges I faced while completing the Evolution program include dieting, working out, and doing my best to handle stressful situations.  The situations don’t come often and they don’t come with any warning; but you have to be on your toes and on the ball whenever the crisis presents itself.

Ilyas Jake A

S/G Jake and S/G Konstantin preparing for physical use of force drills during Level 3 training

What benefits have you gained as a result of completing the Condor Evolution Program?

The benefits I gained from the Condor Evolution program were becoming more outspoken, bold, and making sure that I get my job done, done well, and according to each and every policy no matter how difficult it may be for me or for the person I’m dealing with. I used to be shy and timid and would let things slide as I would feel it’s something that is not important enough; but now I’m a changed man.

Ilyas Jake E

How to be the best security guard and/or concierge you can be and take the most from the experience at Condor Security?

Security Guards and Concierge Staff face stressful, difficult, and high pressure situations.  People can feel anxious in critical situations and go somewhat overboard when a problem arises.  This can be solved very easily sometimes with extra training and know how.  The Condor Evolution is an extremely helpful program which helps you grow and be the best you can be and you can use that training not only at any site with Condor but with any future endeavors no matter what they may be.  The Evolution Program gives you great skill, and self-esteem to deal with anything and to know in your mind that you can deal with anything




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