How Much Commercial Security Do You Need?

Whether you are building a new facility, moving into a new retail space, or have been operating at the same location for years, having the right security measures in place is imperative to protect your assets and staff. Regardless of what type of business you run, there are always potential threats, such as the theft of intellectual property, your customers’ personal information or physical inventory, as well as basic vandalism. These crimes can be extremely costly and can put a halt to your business operations. Having the right amount of commercial security in place will help protect your business from criminal acts, however, knowing how much security you need can pose a dilemma. Here are some suggestions to ensure you have the right security in place.

Have a Threat Assessment

A threat and risk assessment (TRA) can tell you exactly how much security you need to protect your commercial property while putting cost effective measures in place. Your TRA provides a comprehensive review of your property and all the vulnerabilities that exist. Our security consultants provide expert assessments that identify where you can improve your security or prepare a new plan for a new facility. Our assessments will ensure you remain in line with applicable standards and provide you with a plan that meets the industry’s best practices.

A TRA is the best way to protect against liability through identifying and understanding the risks facing you, the community and your property, and then implementing cost-effective solutions that mitigate those vulnerabilities. One of the most important aspects of an effective security plan is customization tailored to meet your specific industry standards as well as the unique challenges posed by each aspect of your property. Narrowing in on these specific concerns can then allow us to offer a plan that covers a multitude of possible issues and scenarios that are commonly overlooked.


What a Threat Assessment Entails

Your TRA will provide the following valuable information:

  • Asset Identification: Asset identification will consider your property assets, which we can then itemize and prioritize. A Cost vs. Benefit analysis will then be performed as part of our recommendations to improve security countermeasures for your assets.
  • Threat Analysis: We will use historical research in tandem with future projections for each asset in order to pinpoint potential threats. We will look at the causes of the threats in order to determine the likelihood of security breaches and what damage or harm will result from these scenarios.
  • Risk Assessment: A review of your assets and potential threats can be compared to look for emerging risk patterns, such as likelihood, severity, impact, cost, and how long it would take to get you back to your regular operations following an event.
  • Risk Management: We will offer recommendations and advice that will show you how you can improve your security. This is always based on your specific industry best practices and local laws, acts and standards. Our recommendations will look at the most cost effective and realistic security measures for you.
  • Security Audits: For existing security plans and systems, we will also provide an audit. This allows us to assess all current security measures you have in place in order for us to provide a security infrastructure proposal, whether it is for personnel training, improved procedures and policies, or additions to your physical security design.

Resulting Customized Solutions

Your security management proposal will allow us to provide an effective security plan customized to meet your specific needs. Our team of certified professionals will include recommendations for the most cost effective solutions which can often combine upgrades, improvements and new installations. Thus, we are able to leverage existing systems and maximize security with specific improvements that will work for your business. In the case of a newly built facility, we will provide a new security plan by identifying vulnerabilities we discover during our TRA.

A thorough audit will pinpoint your physical security needs while looking for the most cost effective ways to integrate your existing equipment. We will test performance and functionality of an existing system and, if necessary, recommend upgrades to establish best practices.

Enlist Security Guards & Mobile Patrols

Optics are one of the best deterrents to criminal activity. Security guards are one of the most effective visual facets of a security plan for a number of reasons:

  • They can patrol larger properties and show that someone is active and present.
  • They scare off intruders who might be caught in the act.
  • They provide a sense of safety in facilities where staff might feel vulnerable.
  • They can be part of the sign-in process if you have a security gate.
  • They are present should an alarm be triggered and can get there quickly.
  • They can add a feeling of safety in specific situations, such as a high-end jewellery shop where staff and customers might feel unsafe.

Mobile Patrol Security Services can be added to boost your security guard presence, which is especially effective on large commercial properties that include several points of entry as well as more than one building. They can also be used for limited budgets where 24/7 security guard presence is not an option. Other benefits of mobile security services include:

  • They are equipped to respond quickly should an alarm be triggered
  • They can be licensed to provide parking infraction notices.
  • They can patrol for suspicious vehicles on the property.

Limit Access with Access Controls

An Access Control System can limit access either to your entire building, specific buildings on your property or by department based on staff clearance. Access Control is completely customizable whether you need specialty doors and locks, fobs or key cards for staff or access control software. We can also provide physical options such as barriers, gates and turnstiles.

Access controls can also include concierge staff or security guards to help provide a professional or welcoming presence, as well as add a visual deterrence to reduce the risk of criminal activity. You will also be able to maintain records of who has entered and left the building, the date and time and even supported visuals with video surveillance which can be used to protect against liability or assist in criminal cases.

As you can see, knowing how much security is required for your commercial property is best addressed with a security audit or TRA. Each site has different needs and having professional advice is the best way to ensure you have cost effective security solutions to protect your assets and staff.

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