Security Guard Training in Ontario

As a reputed private security service provider, Condor Security Inc specializes in deploying exclusive security services and solutions and conducting security guard training in Ontario. At Condor Security we go the extra mile to forge a steadfast and lasting association with our clients by consistently endeavoring to provide exemplary services. We’re committed to making available the best possible security guard training in Ontario to every individual who registers for our security license training program.

When it comes to receiving extraordinarily effective Ontario security guard training you simply cannot go wrong with Condor Security. If you want to register for highly professional and certified security guard training you do not need to look any further. Our basic security guard training plan has everything you require to easily achieve the 62% cutoff score for passing the security guard exam.

Since the year we started our journey (2001) we have come a long way in offering high-quality training to countless young men and women. Trainees and apprentices, who completed Condor’s security guard training program, went on to lay the foundations for a successful career in the security industry. The Ministry of Community and Correctional Services (the regulatory body that supervises security guard training in Ontario) mandates that every trainee must complete 40 hours of training to be eligible for the licensing exam.

However, at Condor Security we make sure that every student who enrolls for our security guard training course is comprehensively prepared for the qualifying test. Our Ontario security guard training regimen more than meets the standard parameters stipulated by the ministry. We see to it that every single participant picks up all the relevant professional and interpersonal skills to make it as a security guard.

Once our students effectively complete our training program and receive a security license, they qualify to work as a:

  • Armed guard
  • Mobile patrol security officer
  • Private investigator
  • Bodyguard
  • Concierge
  • Office guard
  • Security guard
  • Bouncer
  • Airport security office

Benefits of registering with Condor’s security guard training course:

  • Receive training from experienced and accomplished trainers
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Guaranteed employment after receiving a security license
  • Part-time and full-time jobs
  • Training recognized throughout the length and breadth of Canada

Basic Training: Level 1 Security Training for Beginners

The Level 1 Prequalifying Basic Security Training Course is the first stage of Condor’s integrated security guard training program. You’ll need to go through this stage and complete it effectively if you want to work as a security guard. At the same time, the Level 1 Basic Security Training module serves as the perfect launching pad if you’re looking to attain the peak in your career.

Aspirants and contenders have to clear resume screening and pass two interviews to make the grade for participating in the Level 1 prequalifying training course. At the same time, candidates must possess a valid security license confirming they’ve completed the mandatory 40-hour training and cleared the government conducted exam.


In the 2nd stage, trainees pick up the basics of First Aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Anybody who completes standardized CPR and First Aid training can help save lives, especially during an emergency or critical situation. For instance, if you have been trained to perform CPR you can help a person suffering from a heart attack by restoring oxygenated blood flow to the brain.

By offering CPR to a drowning individual or a person inconvenienced with a heart attack you can help keep the person alive till emergency medical treatment is arranged.


The Level 2 Intermediate Security Training Course enables determined and dedicated security personnel to buttress their wisdom and professional skills. Only Condor employees have the privilege of participating in the Level 2 training component since it is an in-house program. The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics and themes including physical security, CPR & first aid, first emergency response, assessment of risks and threats, etc.


At this stage, candidates learn the ins and outs of Verbal Judo-a a remarkably efficient communication and interaction technique. Verbal Judo was originally conceptualized for law enforcement officers for resolving conflicts and downscale volatile situations by using tactful communication strategies. Condor Security has adopted and integrated the Verbal Judo communication strategy for applying in the private security area.

As a powerful and subtle communication tactic, Verbal Judo comes in perfectly handy in numerous situations from enforcing parking rules to addressing noise complaints.


Level 3 Security Training is open exclusively to Condor staff possessing valid Verbal Judo and Level 2 certifications. Additionally, participants must have experience of at least 3 months to participate in Level 3 Security Training. Mentally as well as physically challenging, the Level 3 training schedule entails practicing tactical handcuffing, defensive tactics without using weapons, and the modus-operandi of executing an arrest. Additionally, Level 3 training involves mastering and perfecting ASP use of force techniques and guidelines.

At the same time, this training program enables trainees to hone skills they’ve acquired from previous courses via practical drills in a highly stressful setting. A participant to earn the Level 3 certification has to effectively demonstrate the relevant skills he or she has learned at this level. On the other hand, the trainee has to express in detail the guidelines and policies about testing to the satisfaction of the trainer.

Security training at this stage comprises a judicious blend of customer service drills, ASP training with workouts, and emergency training.  The trainer also explains to the apprentices the significance of team building and working as a close-knit team while performing duties.  Participants must prove that they’re willing to push the envelope and take all the obstacles in their stride to receive the certificate for Level 3 security training.



Condor’s ASP use of force training course emphasizes clear-cut and straightforward, recurring, legally acceptable approaches perfected over years of implementation. That the ASP training program has been put into practice by several security agencies in more than 100 countries amply confirms the instructional course’s effectiveness. As a globally acknowledged use of force technique, ASP has been fine-tuned and customized for execution in Canada.

Contrary to what many budding learners and apprentices believe, the use of force training schedule is remarkably easy to learn. The entire instructional course has been designed keeping in mind the training requirements and preferences of the participants and tyros. Once you sign up for the ASP training course you’ll discover that the methods are not only simple to comprehend and master but also quite effortless to keep in mind.

Iso Certified Security Company

Cloud-based technology keeps track of key aspects of Condor’s Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services.   You can see the visit times and specific actions taken.  You’ll always have transparency and assurance that pre-agreed upon work requirements are completed to standard.  Condor Security’s Mobile Patrol Security Services are ready to fulfil your security needs.


From beginning to end, Condor will manage every aspect of creating a Custom Security System.

  • Assess existing security camera and video/audio surveillance systems
  • Choose the right contractors for client needs
  • Recommend what equipment to use, what to buy, and where to find it
  • Verify price points on new equipment and contractor services, and
  • Ensure compliance with local standards, guidelines, and best practices

Condor is committed to ensuring the best condominium concierge services for individual client needs.