10 Questions to Ask When Considering Hiring a Security Guard

When it comes to your business, it is essential that you cover your bases as far as safety and security are concerned. From petty theft to personal physical threat, these are concerns that can be taken care of by employing a properly trained, licensed and reputable security company. The very presence of a security guard can help offset potential revenue loss and ensure public safety Any business, including small businesses and all large gatherings of people, such as sporting events and festivals, can benefit from on-site security.

But, security guards are only 1 part of your overall security plan. Before hiring a security guard, here are 10 questions to ask that will help focus on your specific challenges and needs.

Have you had a threat and risk assessment?

As a first step, you can employ a security company to provide your business with an overall Threat and Risk Assessment. They will prepare assessments in line with applicable standards and industry best practices and can be narrow or broad in scope. Your assessment will help you determine the risk of the next items in this list.

Is your parking lot safe?

If you have a parking lot on your premise, things to think about concerning safety are your employee’s personal safety and the threat of damage to your business property. Parking lots are ripe for criminal activity, especially poorly lit ones. A security guard patrolling your parking lot can make your employees feel safe and can prevent theft, muggings, and attacks as well as vandalism. Lighting, monitored cameras, and 2-way intercoms placed strategically through the parking lot will increase the sense of security and capability to respond should there be an incident.

Is your inventory secure?

Part of your business may be isolated, such as your warehouse, and this leaves it vulnerable to break-ins. If this is the case, you would almost definitely benefit from patrolling security services. The cost of security will undoubtedly outbalance loss through theft.

Whether your business exists in a high or low crime area, the facts are that Canadian retailers lose over three billion dollars each year due to crime. Thirty-two percent of retail loss in Canada is due to theft, and thirty-five percent of shrinkage is the result of employee theft. The physical presence of well-trained and licensed security guards will reduce shrinkage and bring these figures down to a minimum.

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Do you sell alcohol?

If your business involves the sale of alcohol, it is imperative that you employ security guards that are highly trained to not just deal with individuals but also how to spot problems before they take place. This is a concern involving liability. Fights can break out, putting people and property at risk. Our security guards can create a protective atmosphere and de-escalate any problem situations before they happen. We do this by using Verbal Judo techniques. If you’re curious about just what this technique entails, check this out; what is Verbal Judo?

How much traffic does your business have?

Does your business have a high number of people entering and exiting the building? It reflects well on your company to everyone passing through when they see a professional, uniformed security guard standing by. Security guards can monitor who comes and goes, as well as help with checking people in and out and giving out IDs or name tags. More importantly, what kind of security systems do you have in place, such as access control systems, to identify, classify, and record both authorized and unauthorized persons? What procedures exist to respond to trespassing and unauthorized persons on the property?

Do you have an appointed safety officer?

Some workplaces have a designated safety officer. If this is not the case, or your company needs help with safety duties, security guards can certainly help out. Apart from regular safety officer duties, our guards can sit in on safety meetings or chair the safety committee. Versatile guards mean you get more bang for your buck.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need help from time-to-time in emergency situations. Hiring a company who can offer trained, level-headed security guards that can deal quickly with a range of emergency situations is of great necessity.

You can meet all these needs at the same time by hiring a professional Security Consultant. They will be able to give you advice and assessments based on industry standards. They will also design, build, train, and manage your security infrastructure and operations to meet your objectives.

For more information about hiring a security guard for your business, call Condor Security at 888 614 5317 or contact us here.


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