Condor Ascent #7: PPCT DT Training

June 6, 2012

The primary focus of Condor Ascent Issue No.7 is PPCT Management Systems, an internationally recognized authority on research-based non-lethal force subject control, tactical firearms, and officer survival training.  It specializes in training instructors for police, corrections, security, and military academies throughout the world.

Included is a review of PPCT founder Bruce Siddle’s book, “Sharpening the Warrior’s Edge,” by a Condor staff member which provides more insight into the training methodology behind the system.

Condor announces its upcoming Social Commitment Program in partnership with Canadian Blood Services, the “Help to Save Lives Event 2012.”  On August 13th, 2012 from 10:00am to 2:00pm, Condor Employees and members of the community are invited to attend Condor’s office to donate blood aboard a Mobile Blood Clinic provided by Canadian Blood Services.  Visit Condor Security’s Facebook page at to help spread the message to family and friends and access more information on the event.

Updates and pictures from training courses, including the Tactical Awareness course, the FireSafe course, and the Level 3 course are outlined in the magazine.

More information and updates, such as Employee Recognition, ASIS incentives, the Condor Evolution Program, the Condor Booklist, and more, can be found in Condor Ascent, Issue #7:  “PPCT DT Training.”


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