Dr. George Thompson, 1942 – 2011

June 18, 2011 B y Condor’s Team

Sadly, Dr. George Thompson, the creator of the highly effective and internationally recognized system of tactical communications, Verbal Judo, passed away at his home in Auburn, New York on June 7th, 2011.

A true innovator in the law enforcement field, Dr. Thompson originally created Verbal Judo to give police officers a more effective tool for resolving confrontations without using physical force. Since then, the system has evolved to fit the needs of other law enforcement fields, including private security, and has even spread to business, health care, government, and individual levels.

Condor can say with confidence and evidence that implementing Verbal Judo into it’s security training course curriculum has increased the quality of its security services and the safety and overall motivation of its staff.

We have a great deal of respect for the decades of effort put into the Verbal Judo system by Dr. Thompson and his team at the Verbal Judo Institute. Because of Dr. Thompson, innumerable lives have been saved, personal relationships strengthened, and good people working honourable jobs have had a much easier time maintaining their professionalism and integrity.

Thank you Doc, for making the world a better place

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  1. After stumbling on his work, his death makes us sad to hear. Our world definitely needs professionalism and integrity and he surely raised the bar by not only showing our problems but by providing us with solutions and “how to”. Thank you, Sir. Rest In Peace.


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