Condor Security Guard Prudencio Agdan Honoured for Preventing Fatal Disaster

Condor Security is extremely proud to recognize the quick-thinking heroism and professionalism displayed by our valued employee, Senior Security Guard Prudencio Agdan.

On the cold winter afternoon of December 9th, 2020, Prudencio demonstrated tremendous bravery and grace under pressure by reacting quickly and decisively to ensure the safety of two students and a parent at a crosswalk just outside of the grounds of the school at which he worked.

When a car ran a red light at the crosswalk, Prudencio reacted quickly, preventing a potentially fatal situation by keeping the pedestrians from walking into the path of the oncoming vehicle.

The incident took place just after classes let out in the late afternoon, as the students were heading home from school.

“He saved [two children] and parent as they were crossing and a car ran through the red light, narrowly striking them as they were crossing. Luckily, he held the kids back,” described a witness to the event.

Prudencio has been recognized by the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association for Unwavering Heroism in his line of duty for actions during this frightening incident. The Canadian Security Lifesaver Association is a non-profit organization devoted to recognizing and awarding efforts made by the 140,000 licenced Canadian security guards that rise above and beyond the call of duty.

“Prudencio has been a dedicated, high-performing Condor employee for nearly a decade and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate his brave conduct,” says Benjamin Tabesh, CEO of Condor Security. “We are very grateful that his swift actions prevented a heartbreaking tragedy and applaud his recognition by the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association.”

Prudencio has been with Condor Security since May, 2012. Condor offers quality security training and takes pride in rigorously preparing our security guards to respond in stressful situations.

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