“Help us Feed the Future” Social Commitment Campaign 2011 Results

December 16, 2013 By Condor’s Team

In continuation with its value of Social Commitment, Condor Security once again partnered with Show Kids You Care in 2011 with a focus on assisting the local communities in addressing realistic concerns faced by the community members. In 2010 the “Stuff that Car, Stuff those Tummies” Campaign raised 36 bags of food and $1044 in donations towards SKYC. The goal with 2011’s “Help us Feed the Future” campaign was to double last year’s donations.

With much gratitude to Condor’s employees, clients, and Social Commitment Partners, 217 bags of non-perishable food items were donated and $1760 raised for SKYC, beating the projected target. The donations were distributed to various after-school community food programs including Flemington Public School, Urban Promise Toronto, and San Romanoway Revitalization Association.

The donations will directly influence hungry children with nourishment for their minds and bodies and will provide the future of tomorrow with the bare essentials for the opportunity to succeed. We would like to thank everyone for their donations and hard work in spreading the message and in making the “Help us Feed the Future” campaign a success.

Condor Security Inc. received a letter of appreciation from the Vice Principal of Flemingdon Public School thanking Condor for its volunteer donations.

“I just want you to know that several families were the recipients of the groceries and it brought tears to the eyes of the mothers. Two of them had nothing but a bit of bread and milk, with multiple children in the family. Our social worker delivered the food as well as a teacher.

One mother knew of a single mom who just lost her job and was very down. She had nearly bare cupboards and no money. So when one of our moms received the food you donated, she called her up and gave her half of the delivery she received. She said it brought her joy to share with someone else. She happily gave out of her poverty and this really empowered her as well as a friend and parent. So you can see the huge difference this donation of food makes for both the body and the soul.

It is important for those at Condor Security to know the tremendous impact these contributions make. Thank you as well to Show Kids You Care for being the conduit that sparks the connection form Condor to Flemington.”

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