COVID-19 Response Plan In Action

At Condor Security, we stand by and act on our Statement of Purpose every day. We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking, industry-leading and customer-focused.

We are committed to developing specialized training for our employees to ensure we are constantly providing our clients with the support they need at all times and under all conditions. That is why, in mid-January we set out to create a COVID-19 contingency plan, which included training on COVID-19 preparedness and prevention measures.

Our plan was put to the extreme test early on in the Pandemic over a weekend.

A community member, who was in contact with 20 Condor staff members, was perceived to be COVID-19 positive. Our Operation Team immediately executed the plans and made sure all staff and all other individuals who made contact went into Self Isolation. All common areas were professionally sanitized and a new team was deployed in a matter of hours with no disruption of service.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuuRF4I6krM[/embedyt]

Luckily, the community member was deemed negative – but the swift action and execution of the contingency plans ensured the safety of everyone.

Below is an incredibly kind note we received from our client after the incident took place.

“We are swimming in very unfamiliar and scary waters and so much is changing minute to minute. We had an urgent situation we had to react to on Saturday night and the Condor Team did not let us down. Thank you for having our backs and allowing us to count on you. We truly could not have survived this without you. I can imagine what we caused in your office on Saturday night having to contact all the guards and find us coverage…so appreciated

Our dedicated guards took this seriously and did what they had to do to secure our property and leave it in the hands of those who had never been to our property. I know we scared you and for that I’m sorry, but I think we all learned a great deal about the severity of this virus and how we need to respond.”

We will continue to update and adapt our contingency plan on a regular basis as the situation changes to ensure the safety of everyone.



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