Terry Fox Run 2017: Support Condor Security’s Team!

April 13, 2017 By Condor’s Team

Condor’s 2nd Annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research:  Sept 17, 2017

Join Condor’s professional security staff in a fundraising run and help fight cancer!

On Sunday, September 17, Condor Security’s staff and their family and friends who wish to join will be participating in the annual Terry Fox Run. Many organizations and groups participate every year, and often many will dedicate their efforts to a colleague who has battled cancer. This serves as both a reminder of the devastating effect of this disease, as well as an urgent call to action

Why do the Terry Fox Run? 

Terry Fox is a well known Canadian icon of hope.  He was diagnosed with severe bone cancer at the age of 18 and had his right leg amputated in hopes of stopping the disease from spreading.  Unfortunately, it did not, and the cancer spread to his lungs.  He passed away of in June of 1981 at the young age of 22.

While afflicted with cancer, he decided to dedicate his life to increasing awareness of cancer and to finding a cure.  To promote awareness to massive levels, he came up with the idea that he would personally attempt to run across the entire country of Canada despite having an amputated leg and being afflicted with Cancer.  He named his idea the Marathon of Hope.

Terry’s intense perseverance and determination lead him to run approximately 42 kilometres per day for 143 days.  His run raised cancer awareness to a whole new level, and donations to his Marathon of Hope in 1981 reached $24, 170, 000.00 (over 24 million dollars)!

Terry’s dream to help others is still alive and well!  The yearly Terry Fox Run is a simple and fun way to be personally involved in the battle against cancer

What is the Terry Fox Foundation?

  • The Terry Fox Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable public foundation in Canada.
  • It raises approximately $20 million yearly in cancer research.
  • Over $670 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research through the Terry Fox Foundation.
  • 84% of every dollar raised goes directly to cancer research. It’s one the largest non-governmental funders of cancer research in Canada,
  • Currently their focus in 3 directions, discovery research (finding a cure), translational research (taking research findings in the lab to the application on real people), and training future cancer research leaders.
  • At current, over 1,291 cancer research projects have been funded The Terry Fox Foundatio
  • Why is Condor Security participating in the Terry Fox Run?

    One of Condor Security’s core values is Social Commitment.  Condor has and will continue to support a number of charitable organizations involved in cancer research, such as the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

    For Condor’s Staff, time spent participating in the Terry Fox Run counts towards the 18 hours of volunteer service in the Condor Evolution Program.

    Condor initiated its first official Terry Fox Run in September 2016, in honour of an employee who survived a personal battle with stage 4 cancer.



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