4 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Security Services

What is Commercial Security?

Commercial security services offer more comprehensive protection compared to residential services, as they often are required to cover larger spaces. For small and large businesses alike, commercial security services range from video surveillance to onsite security guards. Commercial properties are unique in that they often house a large number of people – customers, employees, and more – making them vulnerable to suspicious individuals. Both automated technology and onsite security personnel help to protect your business or commercial property from damage.

Keep reading for four reasons why you need commercial security services for your business.

1. Alarm systems alert security professionals and authorities of emergency situations

Commercial properties can be outfitted with a wide variety of alarm systems depending on the unique needs of the property. For small retail locations, alarms on the doors and windows can help prevent and protect against intruders who try to break into your establishment. These alarm systems can be connected to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, so the alarm will sound if there is an emergency situation, alerting the authorities immediately. At Condor Security, we offer monitoring services, so one of our representatives will be able to contact you as soon as an alarm sounds.

2. Onsite security guards protect against intruders

To prevent intruders from breaking into your commercial property, onsite security guards offer additional protection. The mere presence of security guards on a property has been known to reduce the likelihood of it being targeted by vandals or other criminals. Onsite security guards can include a single guard or can be as complex as a unit of mobile patrols. Depending on the size of your property and the unique needs of the building, mobile units may be necessary to adequately protect and guard the entire area. The benefit to having onsite security guards is that they will be able to address any emergency situation immediately. Whether it is a hostile individual, a suspicious individual trying to enter the premises, or a medical emergency, our trained security guards are the first responders to many emergencies. They are fully-trained and equipped to deal with any emergency until the appropriate responders arrive.


3. 24/7 Video surveillance records video monitoring as evidence

Not only does 24/7 video surveillance offer constant monitoring of high-risk of your property, but it can also be used as valuable evidence if an unfortunate incident occurs. Our security professionals are trained to install video cameras in the most vulnerable areas of your property. This offers them a comprehensive view of your property and your building.

At Condor Security, we offer 24/7 video surveillance services, so a security professional can be monitoring and protecting your building at all times. All of this video content is recorded and stored in multiple hard-copy and digital formats, allowing you easy access to recordings. In cases of vandalism, theft, or violent crime, having a video recording of the incident can be invaluable evidence in a police investigation or insurance claim, so it is a crucial aspect of commercial security.

4. Customized security services are designed to fit the unique needs of your business

Whether your commercial property needs video surveillance, onsite security guards, alarms, or fast response times by security or emergency responders, we will work with you to design the perfect security system for your property. We offer comprehensive security services that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your small business or commercial property. While some properties may focus more on preventative security such as video cameras, floodlights, security guards, and alarms, other commercial properties may need outdoor mobile security units and constant, 24/7 video monitoring. Our security representatives are available 24/7, offering you instant access to trained professionals who can help direct you in the case of an emergency situation. Not only will they alert the proper authorities or emergency responders, but they will work with you to help ensure your property is safe and your employees or customers are protected.

For anyone with a commercial property or small business, having a comprehensive security system can be just as important as having insurance. From responding to fires and medical emergencies to preventing criminals and suspicious individuals from damaging your property, our security services will help protect your employees, your customers, and your investment.

Why Condor Security?

At Condor Security, we offer fast, reliable, and efficient security services for commercial properties. As the security industry gets more complicated with cutting-edge security technology, we utilize the most efficient and reliable technology to prevent any damage to your property. Our team of trained security professionals will help you find the perfect security system for the unique needs of your property. We will install and show you how to use any video monitoring technology you need for your property, and our 24/7 representatives are always available to help in case of an emergency. We offer comprehensive security services for those in Toronto and the GTA.

For more information about our security services for commercial properties, or to receive a quote for a security system, call one of our representatives at 888-751-5284 or contact us here


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