Condor Ascent #6: 2011: A Year in Perspective

January 1, 2012

The Condor Ascent Issue No.6 reflects on the company’s programs and updates in 2011 and demonstrates an emphasis on quality, training, and its human resources.  The results of the “Help us Feed the Future” Social Commitment Campaign are summarized and resulted in donations of over 215 bags of non-perishable food items and over $1700.00 to the Show Kids You Care charitable organization.

Condor is proud to present yet another addition to its training curriculum, “Fire Safe.”  On April 28th, 2012, course participants of Fire Safe will receive training on the role and relationship between fire services and private security personnel, methods of extinguishing live fires, and operation of building safety equipment. The course will benefit security personnel by increasing their ability to perform under emergency conditions through engaging and challenging drills.

Included in the magazine are additional updates on training courses, including the upgrades to Condor Security’s Level 2 Intermediate Security Training Program, and a follow up to the Tactical Awareness course.

You can find detailed information on the updates and company news in the Condor Ascent, Issue #6:  “A Year in Perspective”.



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